Ecolacia, sustaining the future of humanity

The Island of Incolacia

The island of Incolacia has avoided human detection for thousands of years. However in 2009, a lone sailor, blown off course during a storm in a round the world yacht race was beached on the island. Because the nearest major country to the island was Australia, the yachtsman radioed his position to the Western Australia Coastguard who recused him.

Now, a number of groups are seeking to take over the island and develop a government system.

Did you know there are already people living on the island?

Did you know there are rare and never-before-seen animals on the island?

We are not a government group. We are a group of people, committed to sustaining the future of humanity and fighting for the rights of all people.

Our mission statement

We are a not for profit organisation, we are simply a group of activists who don't want people invading the land of the Incolacians.

We will do everything in our power to protect the Incolacians and the island's wildlife. We will work as one to the benefit to Incolacians. We want a world where Incolacians are respected and not subjected to land clearing, violence and much more.

We respect their religion and culture, therefore we do not want anyone climbing their sacred Mt. Menzies without permission. We plan to change the opinions of people protect the Incolacians and their wildlife. We plan to protect the inhabitants of this island including the native flora and fauna.

Ecolacia, sustaining the future of humanity.

Who We Are

This is the flag of Ecolacia

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Vote For Us

It's Time to Vote

This Thursday, you have the opportunity to be part of this. You have the opportunity to use your vote and make a difference. You may think that you are just a child, but it is your vote that counts.

Listen to everything that is presented to you, by all groups, and consider which group cares most about the Incolacians, as well as the animals and plants that occur there naturally.

Vote for Ecolacia

Thursday, June 28th 2012 at 11:30am

29 Livingstone Road

Vermont South, VIC

Level 4 BER Gallery Area

Be ready to listen and understand our cause.

We know you will make the right choice!