?Gum in school?

By: Grace Garvey

Should Gum Be Allowed In School?

"Gum chewing helps students stay alert and ready to learn." Gum should be allowed in schools everywhere. Some teachers diny gum as a nuisance, or distraction, but in reality gum helps. It helps with memory, staying alert, and getting better scores on a test.

Gum helps students.

Gum helps children in school. for example, it helps students stay awake during a long class, or test. It stimulates your brain during a test, and you're more likely to do better on it. Studies have shown if someone chews gum over a 14 week period, they would have a better test score, unlike the people who didn't chew gum. (Andrew Scholey, Swinburne Unizersity)

What's bad about gum!

In classrooms, teachers are scared to put their hand under a chair or desk to find a lazy students gum stuck to there hand. They may believe that gum hurts the classroom by being distracted, or a plan nuisance, but, gum actually has a positive effect in the school. It helps the kids get better scores and memorize the teachers content in class. Plus the students won't sleep in their classroom. It also helps the children work better and longer. Stated by the article To Chew or Not to Chew.