Lower School Friday Focus

February 5, 2016

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We all are so varied in personalities and approaches to teaching - and in my opinion it is those "differences" that make a staff successful. I was trying to find a quote other than the normal "be yourself" quotes, and found the above. We each are at different points - from our implementation of technology to our approach to running our classroom.

There some things I do expect you to do "alike" as your administrator - teach the same curriculum, be consistent with grading and assessment practices, keep in contact and communicate with parents as situations arise...but there are so many things that I appreciate about your differences!

So what I am saying is be you. Compete with yourself. For when competition is fostered among a staff, the entire staff suffers. I have seen competition truly destroy a staff, for the negativity that ensued made for a very miserable workplace.

Let's make a commitment to each compete with ourselves to become better than we were yesterday. If we all focus on ourselves, we will experience true growth.

Upcoming Events

As if you didn't know...Next week we are off! The school will be open Wednesday-Thursday-Friday if you need to be in your room at all over break.

Have fun. Be safe!