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September 2022 Edition - Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month - September 15 - October 15

In this edition, we will be celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month.

National Hispanic Heritage Month begins on the anniversary of the independence of Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Costa Rica. It is also meant to celebrate the long history of Latino and Hispanic Americans in North America, as well as their heritage. National Hispanic Heritage Month is observed in the United States, Canada, and Latin America.

Explore the links and resources below to talk about and celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with your children and students.

Hispanic Heritage Month
¡Ser bilingüe es un superpoder!: Consejos para apoyar el lenguaje y la alfabetización en el hogar
Being Bilingual Is a Superpower!: Tips to Support Language and Literacy at Home


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TexQuest offers premium digital resources for K-12 students in Texas public and open-enrollment charter schools. Resources are available in English and Spanish for all grade levels.


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Awareness + Parent Involvement = Safer Kids

Children tend to overshare personal details online which makes them a target for online predators. As children go back to school, online predators will look for posts like, “I’m nervous," "I'm excited," "I'm depressed," "I don't want to be here", etc. They will use these emotive posts as a starting point for a conversation--pretending to understand what they are going through.

Parents need to be aware of this so they can help their children. Remember online predators don't look like the creepy guy at the park. Online predators look just like kids that attend your child's school. They have fake profiles with fake pictures. helps you find free and reduced cost social service programs in your community. When you type in your ZIP code, or the ZIP code of someone you're helping, you will see programs that serve that community.

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