Welcome To Arbonne!

The Cunningham Nation is thrilled to have you!

Congratulations on starting your Arbonne business and joining this amazing company and team!

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You have decided to become an entrepreneur, launch your very own business, and build a life by design. Congratulations! I bet you're wondering "what's next?" and we are here to answer that.

If you are receiving this email, you should have already done a coaching call with your Area Manager, Sponsor or VP, and you should have already booked your FIVE business launch dates! This is where we begin, so if you haven't done that, reach out to your sponsor.

Here are your first steps:

  • Set your launch dates with your sponsor (if you haven't already)! 3 live and 2 virtual!
  • Have a quick coaching call with your direct VP or Area Manager.
  • Start sharing this business with your top 30-40 dream team people! These are the people who would ROCK this business if they decided to join you!
  • Book your calendar! Do some role-playing with your upline so you feel more comfortable with the verbiage if you need to. In addition to your launches, we recommend having at least 4 friends hosting for you in their homes with 4-6 people in the first 30 days of your business. Here is a quick video about booking http://youtu.be/pTnX4QvUA58
  • Place your start order so you have your business tools. We recommend the RE9 and Nutrition Successpacks to get you started!
  • Purchase Go Pro by Eric Worre (approximately $7). This can be ordered as a book or purchased from Amazon and downloaded to the Audible app. It's a great first read as you start your business!
  • Sign up for any upcoming trainings, and plan for monthly meetings in your area. Ask your sponsor if they're are any coming up!
  • Sit down with your sponsor and walk through your 'Start Now' docs to put your goals and plans in writing!

Arbonne is a recipe, not a menu. If you want success, you must have all the ingredients.

Plug into the team

Weekly Team Call: Each Monday at noon. These are always recorded in case you miss them, or work a traditional schedule. Recordings are posted to your team Facebook page.

  • Call in number: 857-232-0156
  • Access code: 307443

Monthly Meetings:

  • Genoa, NV: 1st Wednesday of every month @ 6:30 pm at Walley's Hot Springs- above the restaurant.
If you live elsewhere, we'll plug you into the closest meeting to you, but we do broadcast this live and record it for out of towners. This is once a month and should be an absolute priority on your calendar. This is a GUEST EVENT so bring people who are eager to learn more about Arbonne.

Additional Guest Events:

  • Genoa, Nv: 3rd Friday of every month @ 6:30 pm. Home of ENVP Wendy Cunningham. Ask for address and gate code. (This occasionally changes due to schedule conflicts so always good to double check)
  • Sacramento, Ca: 2nd Thursday of every month at 7 pm. Mack Powell Event Center- 2003 Howe Ave. West Wing. Sacramento.
  • Re-occuring live Discover Arbonne call with a Cunningham Nation Area or above: Every Thursday at 7pm. 712-432-0370 code 561656#
  • Re-occuring live Discover Arbonne virtual presentation with ENVP's Tom and Wendy Cunningham. Every fourth Tuesday at 9pm PST. Zoom.us and click 'Join Meeting' and punch in meeting ID: 432-578-4509

Team Facebook Pages:

  • Your sponsor will add you to these


ENVP Cecilia Stoll shares what it takes to be a success in Arbonne, and she should know....she's the top income earner in the company, and we are a part of her team!


Some helpful phone apps to assist you

1. SoundCloud This has endless trainings and inspiration. So easy to listen on the road or while doing your daily tasks.

  • Wendy R Cunningham has many trainings. You can follow to see what trainings are posted.

2. Voxer A walkie-talkie app that we utilize for training and quick questions/answers.
3. Arbonne Calculator will make calculating orders a breeze.

4. Arbonne Shop allows you to shop, and sign up PC's and consultants right from your phone.

4. Audible is great for listening to audio books, personal growth, business development, etc.

5. RedStamp is a great app for creating fun flyers/invites in just a few minutes.

Finally....Share this opportunity like the GIFT that it is!

You have been given the great opportunity to change not only your own life, but the lives of many, many others. This may not fully register yet, as you are brand new, but the more people you help get what they want, the more quickly you pay this amazing gift forward, the more quickly your own "why" will be fulfilled. This is an awesome training on this very topic. https://soundcloud.com/debbieneal/there-is-no-i-in-team

How BIG is your vision? Use this vehicle to make that vision a reality. ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

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We are here to help, serve, teach, train, support and guide you. Please do not hesitate to reach out at any time. It is my honor to be of service to this incredible team!
New Consultant Checklist - Start Here! I will go through this with you as we go


Want to get moving?


Call to send to those that want to hear more info about Arbonne:


How to follow up with someone after they listen to the recording:


Google Drive full of everything you need (order forms, client profile sheets, etc)


Wendy Cunningham

Your Executive National Vice President

Independent Consultant

Arbonne International