Inventions 4-5

MP1 Week 8 Chat

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Posted Assignment

  • View the VoiceThread Presentation
  • Grab your Inventor's Notebook and begin sketching ideas!
  • List list the materials you will need in your notebook!
  • Begin creating your solar oven!

*Your solar oven does not to be completed by this week! However, please get started as next week we'll need them ready so we can take their temperature!

Virtual Lessons

  • All About Temperature: Celsius vs. Fahrenheit
  • How hot should our solar ovens get to cook and egg?
  • How long should it take?

Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit

  • German scientist named Gabriel Fahrenheit
  • Had an idea (1714)
  • Mercury expands and contracts a lot with temperature
  • Mercury doesn't evaporate
  • Set up his own scale for measuring temperature
  • 32 degrees freezing point, 212 degrees boiling point
  • Scale based on the 360 degrees in a circle: Water boils at 212 degrees so - 180 degrees equals it's freezing point. Strange, but true!

Anders Celsius

  • Came up with Celsius Scale in 1742
  • Centigrade scale: 0 degrees C is freezing and 100 degrees C is boiling
  • Scale that scientists use: Cent is Latin for 100 and Grade is Latin for degree or step.
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