K-12 mLearning Apps

EDU 210

Microsoft OneNote

The Microsoft OneNote is a software that is used for note-taking. It is designed like a traditional notebook and it can be linked to interactive whiteboards, which allow endless possibilities. One feature it has is when you write on the IWB, the notes go directly into the notebook. This collaboration of notes can then be shared with students, allowing them access to all the class notes at any time.

This software could be used in a K-12 setting by allowing students and parents access to the class material. In the younger grades, children may need some extra help at home, or parents may be curious as to what the teacher goes over in class. Microsoft OneNote is a great way to involve all parties in learning. In the upper grades, when it is more common for students to miss school for extra curricular activities, Microsoft OneNote provides a way to ensure students can keep up with the school work that they have missed, and can review the material even when they are not in class.


Socrative is a response tool that allows students to answer questions or do quizzes with their mobile devices. The teacher is able to see individuals responses through the software and can track students progress.

This system can be easily used in a high school setting and some Jr. high schools. The only requirement is that the students have a mobile device. This tool would be effective in the classroom as a way of review for tests. It could also be a way to implement short quizzes to be able to get immediate feedback. Posting questions and getting students to respond in class will also initiate in-class discussions on topics. Getting students to respond right away will allow students to think and develop an opinion on a topic, which can create more in-depth conversations in class.

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Math Magic

Math Magic is an iOs app that allows children to learn math in a fun way. Math problems appear and a child must choose the correct answer to gain stars. This app is aimed towards ages 3-8, which is perfect for the lower elementary students. The difficulty level can be adjusted to suite every child's needs, and there is a timer setting, which will make students do the problems within a time limit.

One way this app could be used in schools is as a fun free time exercise. When students finish other class work they could spend time on this app practicing their math skills. If a classroom has a class set of iPads, then it could be used as a group practice session, giving some class time to use the app as a way for students to practice their math skills.

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Quizlet is an website that allows teacher to create flashcards, quizzes, and and fun activities for students to learn course material. It is a free site that anyone can access all around the world. The teacher can protect their material with passwords and give the students the password so they can access the study material at home. It is an easy way to allow students to review the most important material at home before a quiz or exam.

This app could be used by students in all grades, but the younger students may need some assistance. Quizlet is a great way to access material that is made by your teacher. As a teacher it is a simple tool that allows you to highlight the most important material for your students to learn. When students access the material at home, they are able to use the flashcards and quizzes as a study tool, which guide them to do well.

Remind 101

Remind 101 is an app for iOs and android which notifies students of when assignments are due. This app has the ability to connect with multiple different classes, and is an effective way to help students organize their tasks. A notification is sent to students cell phones reminding them that they have an assignment due later that day.

This app can be used in all grade levels, but would be most effective in the Jr. high and High School levels. Sending a notification to students as a quick reminder of an assignment may limit the amount of late assignments that are handed in. Remind 101 is a great way to keep students organized. The app would be most effective if all teachers within the school would use it because everyone would be on the same page and the app would provide a unique experience for each student. This way the one app could aid students to organize for all their classes and allow students to succeed.

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