Family Across Generation Project

By: Danyelle Fearence

#1 Baby Boomer (1946-1964)

  • Her full name is Barbara Washington
  • She was named after her grandmother
  • Yes she have a nick name they use to call her bara
  • She was born in Mississippi 09/6/19
  • She came to leave here because one of her family member had gotten sick and she just never left
  • Yes there were other family members there was her uncles and cousins
  • She doesn't remember her earliest child hood memories
  • There were 12 members in the family and she was the oldest
  • Her family is very friendly and nice and they love to have a good time
  • The chores she had to do in her household was wash the dishes, cook, clean
  • She had gotten her first job at 15 and she asked people could she work for them
  • School was so fun we learned a lot of things that we needed to learn in life
  • Yes i remember when we could learn how to drive at 12 or 13 years old and some of the popular hairstyles were big braids and finger waves and afros and some of the clothes we use to wear were overalls and cut up jean and short shorts
  • An institution marriage is a beautiful thing that should be share by men and women and they should stay married and not get an divorce
  • Growing up men should go out and work while the women stay home and take care of the house yes it have changed because mostly women work and do everything and some of the men do not work and take care of there responsibility
  • Kids today are very disrespectful and they do not no how to respect there elders
  • Children should finish school and get an education and learn how to be more respectful
  • Children are so disrespectful because there parents are not teaching them and so them from right from wrong

#2 Generation X (Born 1965-1980)

  • Her full name is Katina Washington
  • Her parents select her name because she was name after her auntie
  • Yes she has a nick name they called her Tina
  • Katina was born 09/10/22 at silver cross hospital
  • Her family came to leave here because they always stayed out here in IL
  • Yes there are other family members in the area her mother,father,sister,brothers,uncles
  • Her earliest childhood memory is when there family dog had died and playing with other kids in the street
  • She had 8 family members plus mother and father all together it was 10 and yes she was the oldest
  • The personalities in the family are funny,friendly,fake
  • Katina had to wash dishes and wash clothes as a household chore
  • Katina had gotten her first job at the age of 18 and she got the job by filling out an application
  • Katina said school was fun and her best and worst was English and math was the worst, the grade school she had attend was St. Thaddeus and the high school she went to was west
  • She doesn't remember any fads but the popular hairstyles were jerry curls and afros and the clothes they wore back then were bell bottoms and a lot of different colors
  • Katina has a positive attitude on institution marriage she agrees with it and she said it should be a beautiful thing as long as it men and women
  • A man is a person who work and provide for his family and a women is the person who took care of the house and yes the roles has changed because women are more independent now and most men don't want to work
  • She think that the kids today are disrespectful, rude, angry, and they don't have any manners
  • The advice that Katina has for the high school age student today is for them to just go to school and finish and grow up and stop each other
  • Katina feels that the violence that is taking place today is uncaused for and people should not be getting there life taking away by violence

#3 Generation Y / Millennials ( Born 1980-2000)

  • His full name is Dannie fearence
  • Dannie was named after his father
  • yes he has a nick name they called him big Dannie
  • He was born 01/28/1997 in Chicago
  • Mother and father already live here
  • Yes there other family members in the family his grandmother and grandfather and cousin
  • He doesn't remember his other childhood memory
  • He has 3 members in his family growing up in the household including his sister and he was the oldest child
  • The personalities that his family members has are nice, kind, and funny,
  • The household chores that he had to do was wash dishes and take out the trash and clean room
  • He had got his first job at 16 years old and he did lawn work
  • He said school was okay for him as a child and his worst subject was English and his best cooking and the high school he attend was Thornridge and the college he attend is Lane
  • He doesn't know of any fads and hair styles are taper and lining and the clothing are nike and trues and ect
  • His thoughts and attitudes about institution marriage is that it a nice thing to get married and it should just be men and women
  • Men make sure that his family is taking care of and the wife do the motherly duty and yes it has changes because women like to be more on there own
  • Kids today over do they part and do way to much
  • High school kids should be there self and don't let anyone tell you different
  • Children that are getting killed is so sad and they should not kill the children for a since less act of violence and not being able to grow up

The different things i learned about my family

Throughout this project I learn that the generation has not changed that much. I learned that some of the clothes and styles has not changed at all and I learn that kids that were born in the baby boomer time could drive at the age of 13. I learned so much while doing this project. So many things has been passed down from generation to generation. We all had to do the same chores and learn how to respect people. But in the younger generation people are so mean and rude and a lot of things started to change and the world is getting worst.