Malware Poster

by Jared bell

What Malware is

Malware is a type of virus that is used to do things to your computer and your life. There are many different types of Malware but the most famous ones are: Viruses, Spyware, And Trojan horses. These all do something different but are all dangerous.

How to prevent getting it

So there are many ways that we can prevent getting any type of Malware. Some of these ways are common sense when downloading something, a firewall, and finally there is a security system that you can use to prevent getting it and use if you already have it to getting rid of it.

Three different types of Malware

So some of the most common types of Malware is a virus, the Trojan horses, and spyware. These were mentioned above but never defined so i will define them for you. A virus is the most common form of Malware that you could get, all that it would normally do is just mess up your computer. Now the Trojan horse is used for someone else to gain access to your computer through this virus. And finally we have Spyware, this allows other people to hack into your computer and steal you personal info without you knowing at all.

How to know that you have Malware

Normally it is quite hard to tell that you have any sort of Malware on your computer but the ways that you can recognize that you have it is by either your alerted by your computers security system or you find it when it comes into effect or when its to late to prevent it. When you know that you have it you would then realize that any time that your computer was being weird you would then notice that you were the victim and that the times that your computer was acting weird was during the time that you were hacked.