~ Mike Rapt ~

The Death of a Great Creature

The Great and Powerful

One day, roughly 145.5 to 127 million years ago in the early Cretaceous era, a great creature took its last breath. Hidden in the treetops of ancient China, the Microraptor zhaoianus lived and died. One of the least known microraptors, Mike Rapt XXVII died. Mike Rapt the supreme dictator of all microraptors was forgotten for many years but, now he will get the attention he deserves.

Looks Matters

Mike had magnificent colorful wings that made all the other dinosaurs jealous. He, unlike the many other flying organisms had spectacular wings on both arms and legs. His front set of wings Mike was a short fellow for he was only 30 inches or 77 centimeters from head to toe. Mike has no living descendants but he was distantly related to some dinosaurs and birds,

~ Life of Rapt ~

Early Days

Mike Rapt was always a troublesome child. He always wanted attention, so much so that he would "glide from desk to desk to get other dinosaurs to laugh" Teacher Rex exclaimed in a recent interview. Mike Rapt was exceptionally talented at P.E. although in the rest of his classes he always received C's or D's. Later he dropped out of middle school to become a ice cream man/microraptor. All the baby dinosaurs loved his original flavor, "Worm Worms" which surprisingly tastes like worms.

Later Years

This is Uncle Lucandrew ( Unfortunately, he was not as beautiful as Mike ) =>

However, like many other dinosaurs, Mike's childhood did not last forever. One day in November, a tragic thing happened. Jaak and Maadi Rapt went to the supermarket and never returned. The Rapt's was devastated and quickly arranged Mike who was only 24 in dinosaur years to live with his uncle Lucandrew. Lucacndrew and Mike quickly became very close and lived together in the forest to think of new ice cream flavors and other sweets for the neighborhood children.

The Greatest Tragedy The World Has Ever Met

To this day, no one knows how Mike died. Many of our brightest scientists suspect that a meteor collided with the Earth and the impact killed Mike and his family. However, I think that his most powerful enemy, Bob the Snake did it. But, there is no evidence against Robert so how Mike Rapt XXVII died will remain a mystery until the end of time.

Mike Rapt XXVII's funeral

Friday, June 27th, 11:45am

16 Charter Rd

Acton, MA

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