Move On

Adam Stark 1-2

Analysis of the Development of Theme

In Freak the Mighty, the characterization, setting, and the conflicts of Max and Freak are important keys in the story and theme. With them we can understand that Max, has a learning disability and that he almost needs Freak to think for him. We can also understand that he is very big for his age, and that he is almost intimidating for most people. We also know that Freak can't grow properly, but is super smart. Knowing these things about Max and Freak, is important, because we know that the two of them together, are basically unstoppable. The setting is also important in the story because without it, the story wouldn't have any place to be. Also the area Freak and Max are in is not the best environment for a growing teenager. Oh, and say that the mud pond wasn't there, where would they have gone to get away from Tony D. or Blade. But even if they lived in a crappy place, they still had a amazing time. Finally, the conflict, this is probably the MOST important out of the three. First, without the conflict, there basically wouldn't be a story, because what is the whole story building up around? THE CONFLICT! Also without the conflict, there wouldn't be any suspense, no exciting scenes, no cliffhangers, because, there is no problems, no monsters, no enemies. I could ramble on this subject forever, but I feel there is no need to, so moving on to the next part.

My theme is used throughout some of the book. Now, I will admit, it isn't the most useful or creative theme, but, it is one. Of course, my theme is best used at the very end, when Max can't just move on from Freak's death, it wears him down. He goes back to the old Max, sitting in The Down Under, doing nothing with his life. If he moved on to create other friends, enjoy his life, he would be a whole lot happier. Now, I am NOT saying that he should totally forget about Freak, I am just introducing the fact that he needs to do something other than mope around all day, thinking about Freak. Another subtle use of my theme is when Iggy and Loretta Lee helped Max get away from his dad. From what I understand, Iggy and Kenny were friends, but Iggy knew it was right to turn him in, which might have been hard, but he knew it, and so he moved on from their "friendship". And I just want to clarify why I chose an everlasting campfire for my picture. I chose it because it represents the fact that Freak will always have a place in Max's heart.

Reflection and Application of Theme

I think the author developed the theme extremely well. First off, in life, it is true, you can't hang on to something forever, as they say "If you love something, let it go." I agree with this theme 100%, except, like I said before, let them go, but always remember them at the same time, if that makes sense. Another thing that Rodman Philbrick did, and it was very subtle, but he was hinting at it, the entire story, that Freak might die in the end, at least in my perspective he was. I mean think about it, Freak was kind of passing on his legacy. He was teaching Max new stuff, telling him stories about King Arthur and the Knights of The Round Table. And at the very end, Freak gave Max an empty book, to right down their adventures in. All this time Freak knew he was going to die, and so he was trying to keep his legacy alive through Max. And all of this can relate to real life, in so many ways, almost to many to count, and way to many to write, so I will just give one example in my life. So recently, I have been going through some tough times, you know starting school, lots of homework, getting used to Junior High, but about, I'd say about 2 weeks ago, I found out that I had a, stress fracture, in my right heel. And basically what that means is I put my foot in so much stress that it, broke. Now you might be wondering how this relates to my theme, and I will explain that right now. So basically, with the stress fracture, I can't run, which is where it relates, because running is my most favorite thing to do, but now that I basically can't run, I have to move on to a different hobby. So the point I am getting at is Rodman, oh man, he did such an amazing job developing this theme, while also including other themes, so thank you Rodman, thank you.


Freak the Mighty is fantastic, hilarious and has a few tricks up it's sleeve. Freak the Mighty starts out with a kid named Max. He later on meets a kid named Kevin, or Freak, who moves in next door. Max realizes he knew this kid when he was still young. So, they meet, become friends and also Freak the Mighty. They go on "adventures" with Freak on Max's shoulders, because he can't walk normally because of a disability. Sometimes they're dangerous, but they're always fun. They do this for about a year and a half, until Max's dad shows up, Kenny Kane, and bad things start happening. Max gets kidnapped by his own father, and Forces Iggy and Loretta Lee to help him get out of town. Loretta tries to help, but almost gets killed by Kenny. Then Freak comes with the cops to save the day. Killer Kane is put back in jail, and they all lived happily ever after, for a little bit. Afterward they have a birthday party for Freak. But when they were finally happy, Freak has a seizure and has to go to the Hospital. Freak has a special operation done on him, which he doesn't survive. But before Freak dies, he gives Max an empty book, and tells him to write down all of their adventures in, and I assume that the book turned out to be the book Freak the Mighty