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Little about Oil


Oil is a fossil fuel. Made from plants and animals that were once alive a long time ago that now lay at the bottom of the ocean. Producing electricity by burning oil is very expensive and can cause the greenhouse gasses. Oil will run out if we don’t use it wisely, and if we don’t then it will run out until there is more made, which takes about a million years. We say that we will not use as much in the future as we use it today.

Another thing about oil if it spills in the ocean it can kill and hurt a lot of sea creatures on earth, just like the oil spill that happened on the gulf coast of Mexico in 2010. Today oil-fired power stations are currently used to provide back up energy. A lot of scientists are trying to figure out ways to make energy without having to use up all of our oil and other non-renewable resources. Oil is used for food, energy, fuel, plastics, and other materials.


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disadvantage and advantages of oil

1. The disadvantage of oil is that it is non-renewable

2. when it is shipped it could cause an oil spill which could affect the environment like the animals and the ocean or wherever the oil is spilled. 3. It takes millions of years to form and its a bad pollution.

4.it is getting more harder to find or drill up.

5. we would kinda be broken if we don't have oil in our daily live

6.the energy that is released when burning oil would be dangerous

7. drilling oil is being more expensive my how much drillers are wanting to drill up.

8. since everyone is wanting oil it might go away soon.

9. the more people going over to scotland the more oil they have to drill up and then they might run out so they need to consume it.

10. in countries that have most of the oil they might be willing to sell it but they should keep some because oil is running out each day.

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1. The advantage of oil is it pretty inexpensive to buy and easy to be shipped.

2. we pretty much run on it because we use it in our cars every day

3. energy that is made from it is very reliable on and its very helpful energy

4. large amounts of oil can be used to generate in one place it is pretty inexpensive.

5.easy to get to.

6. easy to get to people cause you could ship it and put it in a cargo on a train.

7. gives out a lot of energy.





http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RFStdNtTkNI This video is showing about disadvantages and how when an oil spill happens then it hurts endangered species.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BU1Fslwprpw This shows how we can conserve our energy resources.


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