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PAMS Counseling Department Newsletter April 2023

What's the "Scoop" at Palmyra Middle School?

Month of the Military Child:

Each year, April is set aside as a military child appreciation month, officially known as the Month of the Military Child. With its creation in the mid-1980s, the Pentagon and other military support organizations and agencies use the month to recognize military kids for their sacrifice and bravery on the homefront.

The term "military brat" is a badge of pride worn by generations of kids who traveled the world with their parents, moving into adulthood with the knowledge that they have the strength to handle anything. Military children deal with separations, deployments, frequent moves and even their parents' injuries as part of the life they were born into or entered with their families.

Because purple is a color used to represent all military services, the theme "Purple Up" is used over the course of the month. This year, PAMS is participating in Purple Up for Military Families by encouraging everyone to wear purple on Wednesday, April 19th.

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Other News @ PAMS

PAMS Club List

Is your child interested in getting more involved in school activities? Below is our list of current clubs for the MS. Most of them meet after school, so your child will need transportation home. If you would like additional information on any of the clubs listed below, please reach out to the club leader or your grade level counselor! It's never too late to get involved!!
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Avedium Update:

Below are the students in Aevidum this school year. Coming up, they will be working on Stress-less bag for students as PSSA testing approaches. The end of the school year can be stressful for all students, especially as standardized testing begins. Please have your child reach out to their School Counselor if they could benefit from a Stress-less bag. We will accommodate as many students as our supplies allow!
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Outdoor Education Update for 7th grade parents

Our trips to Camp Swatara are just around the corner! Extensive planning and preparation continues as we draw closer to the awesome opportunity for our students!


Any medication (prescription or over-the-counter) that needs to be administered to your child during their time at camp MUST be brought into school with the completed blue form the Friday before your child's camp week (see the dates below). Please have your child bring the form and medication to their morning homeroom teacher. The school nurse will collect everything that morning, while students are in homeroom. This allows us to make sure we have everything we need prior to the first day of camp.

Mountain Camp Week - form and medication brought in Friday, May 12th

Stream Camp Week - form and medication brought in Friday, May 19th

If you have any questions about medication please contact the middle school nurse as soon as possible.


Students will bring their gear (sleeping bags, clothing, toiletries, etc.) to the middle school auxiliary gym the Sunday night before their camp week. Please have your child's clothing and belongings marked. Your child is responsible for all of their belongings while at camp. Please refer to the "clothing and equipment list" for a guide of what to pack. Layers are important to have a at camp. A poncho or rain jacket is important - as we continue with our activities through rain, unless it is an electrical storm.

Please have your child bring a refillable/reusable water bottle for the week. It is important to stay hydrated throughout each day.

Mountain – 5/14/23 (Sun) 7:00-7:30 (No earlier or later) - MS Auxiliary Gym

Stream – 5/21/23 (Sun) 7:00-7:30 (No earlier or later) - MS Auxiliary Gym


Pick up your camper promptly at 2:00 p.m. on the Friday of your child's camp week in the back parking lot of the middle school

Mountain – 2:00 p.m. 5/19/23

Stream – 2:00 p.m. 5/26/23

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PSSA and Keystone Testing Updates

Annual PSSA and Keystone preparation is underway!!! Here are the dates for testing - please mark them on your calendar!

Monday, April 24th - ELA PSSA Testing: Day 1

Tuesday, April 25th - ELA PSSA Testing: Day 2

Wednesday, April 26th - ELA PSSA Testing: Day 3

Thursday, April 27th & Friday, April 28th - ELA PSSA Makeup Testing

Monday, May 1st - Math PSSA Testing: Day 1

Tuesday, May 2nd - Math PSSA Testing: Day 2

Wednesday, May 3rd - Friday, May 5th - Math PSSA Makeup Testing

Monday, May 8th - Science PSSA Testing: Day 1 (8th grade only)

Tuesday, May 9th - Science PSSA Testing: Day 2 (8th grade only)

Wednesday, May 10th - Friday - May 12th - Science PSSA Makeup Testing (8th grade only)

Monday, May 15th - Keystone Testing: Day 1 (Algebra 1 students only)

Tuesday, May 16th - Keystone Testing: Day 2 (Algebra 1 students only)

Wednesday, May 17th - Friday, May 19th - Keystone Makeup Testing (Algebra 1 students only)

Palmyra "Pawsitvity"

April Spotlight - Autism Awareness Month

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), is a complex, lifelong developmental condition that typically appears during early childhood and can impact a person’s social skills, communication, relationships, and self-regulation. The Autism experience is different for everyone. It is defined by a certain set of behaviors and is often referred to as a “spectrum condition” that affects people differently and to varying degrees. While there is currently no known single cause of Autism, early diagnosis helps a person receive resources that can support the choices and opportunities needed to live fully.

Autism Signs & Characteristics: Repetitive behaviors, movements, or phrases • Lack of response to normal stimuli (i.e. his/her name, visual cues) • Atypical verbal communication or non-speaking • Difficulty understanding or expressing feelings • Avoiding eye contact


Summer Camp Opportunities

Now is the time to be thinking ahead about potential summer opportunities for your child. Here are just a few to consider:
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April Challenge: Live in the Now!

Living in the present is easier said than done! However, thinking about what might happen in the future or dwelling in the past typically causes more frustration, anxiety and stress. Focusing on the here and now enables us to make the most of each day and be more joyful. Check out the link below for additional information.
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Sara Dorwart- 6th Grade Counselor

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Andrew Capodanno- 8th Grade Counselor

Clare Missimer- School Social Worker (Secondary)

Janine Burrows- Counseling Secretary


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