Smart Smurf News for Feb. 11th

Camp Thunderbird and Other Important News

Important Camp Thunderbird Information And Valentine's Day

This Thursday we will have a Valentine's Day celebration. Please return the snack item and $3.00 for pizza if possible. Students are making card bags and will be able to pass Valentine's cards out during this celebration.

The time for camp is closing in! Just as a reminder, please send in any money that has not been paid so that we are sure that your child is going with us. The dates for camp are February 27, February 28 and March 1. Another reminder is that our class is responsible for providing healthy sweet snacks that are individually wrapped. Please do not miss out on all the fun that we will have, even Ms. Cartner is going to be able to join us!Also, WE NEED PARENTS that can help out during the daytime hours, and we need moms that can stay overnight. I will be sending a supply list home in this Thursday's folder. Please return the district fieldtrip form that was in the folder last week before this Friday. At this time, we do not have enough parents helping during the day, so if you can come out during the day please let me know.

Students may bring items to do in thier cabins at night such as...nail stuff, facial stuff, cards, or uno cards. Students will have about an hour or so once they are back in the cabins, before bedtime. They are not allowed outside during this time but can do fun things in the cabins with their cabin buddies.


Students will begin reading World War II novels in their reading groups. They should read nightly in their novel.

Students will have a word study quiz weekly, on the day that their word study group meets with me.

Students will have a quiz in math next Friday the 22nd. This quiz will cover transformations and nets.

As a class we have been going over the midterm exams. These exams are not included in students' grades, but a very important tool for me to assess what they have remember so far this year. This allows me to determine what areas in each subject that I need to reteach. I am giving students the option of keeping the exams to study for PASS with. If you have any questions or concerns about the midterms please let me know. You child should be able to show his/her social studies exam. We are not finished going over the science and the math review the math over the next several weeks.

Pond Study

For the month of January and February we will only meet on Monday afternoons from 2:30-3:30pm.

Our Class

Coming Up

We will be creating something during science next week and need clear 20oz water bottles. We need about 14 more.

Beta Club is collecting treats for teachers to give out during Feb. Beta Club members can bring in any kind of treat that is individually wrapped to be added to our special project.

Smart Smurfs

Please feel free to contact Ms. Cartner with any comments, questions or concerns. Her email is and her cell phone is 803-517-3196 or Mrs. Johnson at or call her at 803-=517-0197