Neil's Yard Sale

Our yard sale has a return policy!

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Are you looking for something? and the item is too much money, come to us we have lots of varities of items. There are many good reasons to go to our yard sale. Neil's yard sale is the best for many reasons.

Not Old

One Reason that you should come to this great yard sale is these items aren't old some we just got were only a week ago. They aren't dusty they are brand new. We also got cleaning equipment. We have a sale you can get are cleaning bundle for only 10$! It includes the wet jet, the swiffer, and the brand new version of the duster.

Variety of Great and Reasonable Prices

We have great prices we have the greatest prices. We have stuff ranging to 50 cents to 150$, our greatest sale is the one called the "Some of Our toys" If you buy them together it only costs 6$. If you look below we have bundles that are on sale.


Are you convinced? this yard sale has great items that are in everyday use be sure to come to our yard sale.
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Variety of stuff

We have car seats so you can be safe and bikes too. We have toys for the little ones. The crayons are a bit old but they work and we have varities. We have dress up clothes for sleepovers. It's going to turn winter soon so we have ski's and hiking equipment. We got an old Toshiba computer you can make your own account and delete ours, actually if you want we'll teach you how to use it.

Variety of stuff

  • car seats
  • bikes
  • televison
  • toys
  • clothes
  • chairs
  • hiking equipment/snow equipment
  • Toshiba computer
  • jewelry/valuables
  • books
  • popcorn poppers
  • pans, pots, and a microwave
  • a watch/a clock

Some of our favorite selling items

Some of our toys

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Rare Pokemon Not on sale

Pokemon Above

The pokemon will be on sale on Christmas, Black Friday, and Labor day 3$ and 10 cents off!

This is my padlet you can go to Feel free to type what ever you could put in your yard sale. You can also suggest different prices, lower or higher, be sure to give me convincing reasons.

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