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Week of April 2, 2018


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We have 6 instructional days until the first administration of STAAR. We have been practicing all season for game day and we know that our 7th and 8th graders are ready; they have worked hard!!!! Let’s continue to work with our students to ensure targeted instruction is being implemented leading up to Tuesday, April 10th.

During these 6 days before testing, it is imperative that we continue to implement best instructional practices. Let's

  • implement multiple response strategies frequently
  • use adequate pacing to help students’ comprehension and mastery
  • plan activities aligned to standards being covered for those early finishers
  • ensure that the lesson is aligned with the lesson objectives posted
  • make sure the lesson objectives are aligned with standards
  • spiral those objectives in which students require additional support for mastery
  • implement frequent checks for understanding
  • ensure questioning is at the right level of rigor for this time of the year
  • ensure alignment of weekly assessments, quizzes, and DOLs to the standards being tested
  • use STAAR formatted questions (inclusive of griddables, graphs, charts, and other pictorial models)
  • increase the exposure to griddables
  • ensure that students annotate all text while reading
  • provide bell-to-bell instruction at all times
  • MOTIVATE students - Let's encourage our students, get them involved, offer incentives, be creative, and make connections to real life.


  • Ms. Brown for her leadership and support with building climate and culture. We had the opportunity to come together to celebrate International Women's Month and share with colleagues during lunch. Shout out to Coach Addison, Mr. Guillory, Ms. Perez, Ms. Jones (sub) and Ms. Michelle for the support with organization, setup, and clean up.
  • Ms. Mitchell for supporting our school and reading program as she submitted an application to Chipotle's Reading is Fundamentally Delicious. We received the news that our application has been approved, and the amount of Chipotle Reading Rewards Ms. Mitchell requested are headed our way. I know that our students will enjoy this reward as they continue to read at home and school.
  • We had a very positive visit during our ACE core team's visit. We had several wins with 100% of teachers having a clipboard with data listing students with their performance level, 100% of teachers who are able to point out students that are out of place, and 100% of teachers having a seating chart based on student performance levels. Please, see e-mail sent for more details.


Monday, April 2-

  • 6th grade math testing

  • STAAR Online training continues this week - Ms. Buitron

  • Planning Meeting with CIC/AP - 6th Grade SS, 7th Grade Math, Science follows schedule communicated by Ms. Guerra, and 7th / 8th Grade RLA. Refer to the Planning Expectations to ensure your IPC and LP have the components to reach proficiency

  • 4:40 - 5:45 LPAC Meeting in the main office conference room. TELPAS Raters - Support TELPAS rating in Library - Guerra

Tuesday, April 3-
  • 6th grade RLA testing
  • Planning Meeting with CIC/AP - 7th Grade SS, 6th/8th Grade Math, Science follows schedule communicated by Ms. Guerra, and 6th Grade RLA.
  • 4:30-6:00 Tutoring sessions for 7th and 8th grade continue. 6th grade is cancelled.

Wednesday, April 4-

  • DISD MS Band Pre-UIL Concert at Ann Richards MS - Mr. McCann and Mr. Alarcon
  • 6th Grade Science Field Trip to the Arboretum - Selected students - Ms. Cooray
  • Weekly PLC - Testing meeting
  • 4:30-6:00 Tutoring sessions continue for all grade levels
  • 5:45 - Baseball game at North Dallas HS - Ms. Michael and Mr. Harris

Thursday, April 5-

  • Planning Meeting with CIC/AP - 8th Grade SS, 7th Grade Math, Science follows schedule communicated by Ms. Guerra, and 7th / 8th Grade RLA.
  • 4:30 - 6:00 After School
  • 4:40 p.m. Testing meeting makeup
  • 5:00 Lesson Plans Due

Friday, April 6-

  • Continuation of ARD - Library- Ms. Maloy
  • Testing meeting makeup during planning
  • 3:30 p.m. 7th and 8th grade Pep Rally - Auditorium. Ms. Hayes is the lead person for this event.

Saturday, April 7

  • Saturday School continues - Let's finish strong this first round of preparation for STAAR. Focus 8th grade math and reading; 7th grade writing, and 6th grade math and reading.

Upcoming Events

Based on feedback received, I am sharing as many dates/events for the month of April as possible to ensure appropriate planning is taking place.

April 10

  • 8th Grade STAAR Math
  • 7th Grade STAAR Writing
  • 6th Grade STAAR Camp

April 11

  • 8th Grade STAAR Reading
  • 7th Grade PreAP- STAAR Math
  • 6th Grade STAAR Camp

April 12 - April 13

  • 7th Grade Reading CA during class
  • 6th and 7th Grade Social Studies CA during class

April 13

  • Positive Coaching Alliance in collaboration with NDHS - Athletic workshop. Auditorium 2:30-4:25.

April 14

  • Dallas ISD Large Scale Job Fair at Ellis Davis Field House

Week of April 16

  • STAAR Parent Meetings 6th and 7th grade - Grade Level chair will confirm exact time, date, and needs to support a successful parent meeting.

April 19

  • MS Non-Varsity UIL Concert at Cedar Hill HS

April 21

  • Academic Pentathlon - Ms. Brown

April 25

  • Student Experience Survey - Refer to the memo regarding maintaining integrity of these surveys

STAAR Training - Online Modules

Ms. Davis shared the link and information last week regarding this training. The modules are Active Monitoring, Distribution of Test Materials and Proper Handling of Secure Materials. The modules are accessed at http://texasassessment.com/administrators/training/. ALL test administrators must complete all modules; this includes teachers and support staff. Everyone must complete this training because you may be asked to support for small groups or in case of an emergency. Once you have successfully completed a module, you will be given a certificate. Please put you name and date on the certificates, then email them to Ms. Davis or place in her box in the main office. All three (3) certificates must be received (by hand or email) by the end of day Thursday, March 29, 2018.