For Sale - Land

Head North To The New England Colonies!

Why here?

There is many reasons why people would love to have the chance to live here!

  1. Religious freedom is something that we all want. Puritans helped out and made there way here to be free from the Church of England. Mostly because the religious practices was to close to Catholicism. So.. if YOU are searching to seek freedom from these practices then this is the place for you!
  2. Here is where most ship building and imports and exports are located. We have deeper water closer to shore to allow the boats to come closer to aboard them. This is important because we can get resources this way and send out resources to sell.
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What makes us better?

Those farmers down south don't look like they're having very much fun. Ship-building is much more intricate and exciting! Join the team today and start the best job you'll ever have!

New England is guaranteed to please you!