Books With Romance and Drama

A Text Set


These are all the books I think that are good drama, romance books. I chose this topic because I like drama, romance and if people like that kind of books too they can look at this for recommendations. These books are appropriate for 7th and 8th grader, and maybe a couple 6th graders if there mature enough. I selected these books because these are the books I liked and the books I would suggests to other kids that would like to read books like these ones.

Six Months Later, Natalie Richards, Sourcebook Fire, 2013, 323pgs, Realistic Fiction.

What happened six months ago? Crazy love and drama, you’ll never imagine what really went on during those six months that were lost.

Altered, Jennifer Rush, Little Brown Book for Young Readers, 2013, 323pgs, Realistic Fiction

Guys. Guys in her basement. Will she be able to shut down the program that’s made her whole life one big lie?

Cryers Cross, Lisa McMann, Simon Pulse, 2011, 233pgs, Realistic Fiction.

Cryer’s Cross is a very small town, where everyone knows everyone. But there’s something strange going on in the small town. What is the history behind the small town?

The Program, Suzanne Young, Simon Pulse, 2013, 405pgs, Realistic Fiction.

Can they stop depression? Can these two kids stop the program that’s changing these kids? Two lovers and one big program.

Jumping Off Swings, Jo Knowles, Candlewick Press, 2009, 230pgs, Realistic Fiction.

Will she settle for one boy? Can she live past the fact that she has a baby in the world somewhere? A crazy love book, with SO MUCH DRAMA!!!


I chose these books together because they all have crazy romance and drama in the book at some point. Also some of the books have adventure. This text set would be good for future students who don’t really know what they want to read, they can just look at this and get some ideas of what they can read. There’s some book that I’d like to read that I think would always belong in this text set. Some of the books that can fit in the category are Open Road Summer, Pushing the Limits, This is What Happy Looks Like, and Exile.