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Nebraska Loves Public Schools

It's always nice when you are the "spotlight of the week" or "athlete of the week" or any "flavor of the month" really. That's why it's been an honor this month to be featured by Nebraska Loves Public Schools. Through their efforts, Norfolk Public Schools has been able to show the great things going on around our district.

The above video showcased our school. It has been rewarding to hear from many of you who have shared it via social media. Your friends, from around the nation, have remarked about how great our school looks and the programs we offer students (good thing we weren't recording during MAPs testing on a Chromebook). On top of our friends giving us positive feedback, it is important to know Central Office staff loved our video!

It is through your relentless effort, that success happens on a daily basis. I know I feel fortunate we can share that with the world.

Have a great weekend.

Tweet of the Week

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Article of the Week

Each week, I plan to post an article for you to peruse at your convenience. Understand, the purpose is not for you to necessarily agree or chagne what you currently do. It is designed to make you think and reflect on your current practices. Some ideas you may already use and that is great.

My goal for this section, is for it to become a sharing space. If you have read something interesting, please send it to me, and it may be posted later on.

Thank you to Mr Specht for this week's article. Some interesting bellringer ideas for everyone.

As I read this next article earlier in the week, I thought back to our fundamentals activity to start the school year. Priority #1 in the article is one of the main fundamentals we focused on that day (sorry Mrs Carlisle, it isn't treats, although those are always nice).

Upcoming Dates to Keep in Mind

  • September 19: 5:00 - P/T Conferences
  • September 20: MAPs (5th Gr Science)... 1:45 - 6th Tm 2 Pro Partner Mtg (Gui Conf Rm)... 3:00 - 6th Tm 1 IEP (6th Gr Conf Rm)... 4:00 - Aftershock Roundtable Discussion
  • September 21: 2:00 - 5th 2A SAT (Gui Conf Rm)... 2:30 - PLC (Math - Meet in Library w/ Beth Nelson, will transition to Math groups)... 5:00 - P/T Conferences
  • September 22: Social Dues are Due... 11:30 - Dismissal... 1:00 - P/T Conferences
  • September 23: No School
  • September 26: 9:00 - Hughes or Specht Admin Mtg (CO)... 3:30 - Faculty Advisory (6th Gr Conf Rm)... 3:30 - 5th 3A IEP (Gui Conf Rm)... 6:00 - PTO (Commons)
  • September 27: 9:00 - Hughes or Specht Admin Mtg (CO)
  • September 28: Panther Project Due... 2:30 - PLC (Math)... 3:45 - 5th 3A IEP (6th Gr Conf Rm)
  • September 29: 3:30 - 6th Tm 1 IEP (6th Gr Conf Rm)... 3:45 - Calendar Committee Mtg (CO)
  • September 30: 2:30 - Character Ed Assembly