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Serving Texans

What we do

The Rangers are apart of the Texas Department of Public safety, mainly leading criminal investigative responsibility for the following: major incident crime investigations, unsolved crime/serial crime investigations, public corruption investigations, officer involved shooting investigations, and border security operations.

How to Apply

Each applicant must be a citizen of the United States of America, in excellent physical condition, and have an outstanding record of at least eight (8) years experience with a bona fide law enforcement agency, engaged principally in the investigation of major crimes. The applicant must be currently employed with the Texas Department of Public Safety, in the position of a commissioned officer with the rank of at least Trooper II.

Salary and Benefits

Rangers receive paid training. hazardous duty pay, furnished equipment including uniforms, a uniform allowance and travel reimbursement. Rangers also receive hospitalization insurance and low-rate dependent insurance coverage. Rangers, like all state employees, are also covered under the state's employees retirement and worker's compensation system.Texas Rangers are paid according to the Texas State Trooper salary schedule, which differs based on seniority. Salary is around $60,000-$80,000.