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Refresh Your Style with Stella and Dot's Newest line!

Happy New Year!

Spring sure has sprung with Stella and Dot! The gorgeous Spring line launched this week and I couldn't be more excited!

Why not refresh your style for the New Year with a Stella and Dot show!? I'd love to spoil you with free jewelry and accessories of your choice and style session for you and your friends to see the new line in person! We are in the middle of the month and there's still plenty of time!

Contact me for open dates!

View the entire line here:

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New Year, New Beginning, New Start?

I'm even more excited for the sign on bonus Stella is offering for this month! We're hiring and one of my favorite parts of being a Stylist is helping other women do what I do! I joined Stella about 1 1/2 years ago and just love it! I love having some girl time, meeting new people, and lets be real, who does't love playing dress up with gorgeous jewelry and accessories! I'd love to chat more about how Stella can fit into your life!

We have so many different backgrounds in our Stella community, some stay at home moms, some students, some full time working women, some with kids, some without and the list goes on, BUT that's the best part, it works in your life because you make it what you want!

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Anna Topper, Independent Stylist

Let's connect!

I'd love to help you with styling questions or gift buying, a fun girls night in style session, or bringing Stella into your life as a Stylist!

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