A Soldier, A Father, A Hero

By: Jack Lightfine

My Hero

My father, Richard Lightfine, seems like every other dad, the one who gives the piggy back rides, so their young son or daughter can look above the crowd in front of them to see the action or the one who teaches manners at the table. Although not every father goes into the military, or the same school or grows up in the same neighborhood. Listen to my dads story of his life, what is unique and what was it like growing up in a different generation.
This is a picture of my father in his younger years. This is probably one of the few pictures that you can see him smile!

Highlight of Interview

A Memorable Moment

J: Jack

D: Dad

J: Hi, my name is Jack and I am interviewing my dad today. Thanks for letting me interview you!

D: Always happy to.

J: So dad, I know you were in the Army. How was it?

D: It's a mixture of many emotions Jack, you feel intimidation, apprehension, excitement and theres always an adrenaline rush. And behind all of this you feel the confidence of how well you've been trained to do this.

J: It must have been quite an experience then. Speaking of experience, how many conflicts were you in as a ranger?

D: I was in the 82nd Airborne Division which was a parachute regiment and served in two conflicts, one in Central America and one in Africa, they were both unrecognized conflicts.

J: Quite interesting, now, out of your whole career in the military, what was the most remarkable or memorable moment?

D: When I was a Generals Aid in Berlin in 1985, when the cold war was still going on, a major named Arthur D. Nickelson was murdered by the Soviets in a conflict, and in order to get his body back, we had to exchange two East Block and or Russian spies and one of the spies, was the daughter, of the head of the Czechoslovakian Secret Service making it a fair trade because the U.S. military left no man behind, dead or alive. I witnessed Major Nickelsons body being exchanged over the Glanic Abrooka(Had no clue how to spell this!)for two living human beings that all they cared about were their Western technology because they lived on the East, they had no such luxuries as the equipment of the West.

J: Quite the memorable moment! Thank you so much for letting me interview you, it was a pleasure.

D: No problem, glad to do it.

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Hobbies Of My Father

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My father makes WWII models varying from tanks to dioramas. The one above is a WWII Tiger tank, he usually makes these with my younger brother although I'll help in some points.
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This Diorama shows German soldiers preparing for battle and setting up defenses for an attack of allied forces.