Morning Preschool Newsletter

For the week of December 7, 2015

This week in Pre-K:

This week we are meeting Mr. C and looking for signs of Christmas. Please continue to practice name writing at home whenever possible and playing coloring naming games!!

If your child took home their learning (PE) shoes, please return them ASAP as we need them with this cold weather. And check to see if the extra clothes in the bag include socks, and fit for winter.

A look ahead:

Our Christmas party is December 17th. Maggie Miller and Christina Larson are down for treats. Rachel Dolezal and Savannah French are down for drinks. The party is Allie and Ryan Trost. PLEASE keep the treats simple and healthy. We recently had "rainbow bars' and the children LOVED them!!! (They were rice krispie bars only made with fruity pebbles). Also we do have a dairy and peanut allergy in the classroom. Thank you for helping make this a fun day!