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CONFERENCES AHEAD! Progress Reports Sent via Parent Portal!!

We are fast approaching our November Conferences for Parents, Teachers, and Students. During the conference, your child’s Conference Report will be referenced. This report will focus on his/her academic achievement, strengths as a learner, and goals for future growth. The Conference Report will serve as a spring board for conversations around student learning and goal setting for the year ahead. In the spring, you will revisit the Conference Report to examine his/her achievement and progress towards goals.

As a reminder: If you have not created a Log-in for the Parent Portal, please do so ASAP.

Your child’s Conference Report will be accessible electronically via Parent Portal on

November 19th. Click HERE to follow the link below for information on how to create a log-in.

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As the Central Bucks School District is implementing their new Elementary Reporting System, we want to continue to offer resources to help facilitate the transition for both students and families. Two videos have been added to the Elementary Progress Report Information Page.

. “What is a Standard?” – A parent’s guide to understanding standards.

. “Understanding my Progress” – Explaining growth and progress through the eyes of a student

We have also added an Overview of Achievement Criteria to help everyone better understand what it means to exceed, meet, approach, and make limited progress.

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A HUGE BRAVO goes out to Patrick Cavalli, Will Jack, Cameron Schmidt, Jeffrey Fountain, Roman Berretta, and Mya Halderson for running in our Student Council Elections!! Each of these candidates made posters and gave a speech to our staff and students. Their bravery and desire to lead our school is admired and appreciated!!


This school year, every Pine Run classroom received a copy of the story AMAZING GRACE. This picture book tells the story of a young girl who does not let her gender, race, or classmates stop her from fulfilling her dreams. We want all our Pine Run students to embody Grace’s tenacity and determined spirit! Ask your child what the book Amazing Grace taught him or her!

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Dates That Rate: NOVEMBER

4- 9:00 AM The Next Generation Dance Troupe Assembly, Gr. K-6

4- 11:55 AM Early Dismissal / End of 1st Marking Period

7- Spirit Day – Wear Pine Run Gear

10- Picture Retake Day

11- 7:30 PM School Board Meeting – Ed. Serv. Ctr.

14- Race for Education Ice Cream Party – during lunches

17-12/3- Fall Clothing Drive

19- 9:15-10:30 AM Kindergarten Feast

20-21- NO Kindergarten / Kindergarten Parent Conferences

21- Spirit Day – Inside Out/Backwards Day! (Wear clothes inside out/backwards)

24-26- NO School – Parent Conferences / Professional Development

27-28- Thanksgiving Recess – NO School

Dates That Rate: DECEMBER

1-3- Fall Clothing Drive continues

1- 7:00 PM School Board Reorganization/Business Mtg. – Ed. Serv. Ctr.

5- Spirit Day – Wear Pine Run Gear

5- 5:00-8:00 PM Holiday Shop

17-24- Hanukkah

22- 9:00 AM Holiday Sing

23- Fourth Grade Talent Show/Brunch

24-1/2- School Holiday/Winter Recess/Christmas/Kwanzaa

WE CARE WEEK- Many hands give much!

During “We Care Week,” Pine Run students and staff collected baking ingredients, cooking utensils, and fabric for the Dunamis Foundation. Students showed how they care for others by donating these items to help less fortunate families learn a trade to earn money. Over 400 things were collected and will be shipped to Quito, Ecuador!

NOTICE AND NOTE: Signposts in the Classroom

Two words, RIGOR and INTERACTION, describe the strategies used in Pine Run classrooms to help students think deeply about their reading. Rigor and interaction are promoted through six “signposts” that point the way toward close reading and deep comprehension.

The signposts are:

1. Contrasts and Contradictions

2. Aha Moments

3. Tough Questions

4. Words of the Wiser

5. Again and Again

6. Memory Moment

The authors of Notice and Note state, “Much as we hope our students will have the experience of losing themselves in a book, at the same time we hope that they’ll have the experience of finding themselves in a book.”


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Preventing the Spread of Illness During Flu Season

The most effective way to prevent the spread of disease is proper hand washing. Below are 2 videos which discuss proper hand washing procedures and why good hand washing helps prevent disease. Also below are some talking points for hand washing. Hopefully together we can limit the spread of illness this season.

  1. Video for primary and intermediate grades:
  2. Video for intermediate grades:

Hand washing procedures:

Washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water is the single most important way to prevent the spread of germs and protect yourself and others.

It is especially important to wash your hands:

  • Before, during and after you prepare food
  • Before and after meals
  • After going to the bathroom
  • After blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing on your hands
  • After touching animals
  • When your hands are dirty
  • More frequently when someone in your home is sick


Thank you to everyone who sent in BOX TOPS last month. For the month of October, we collected 7,275 Box tops. Congratulations to Mrs. McManus’ fifth grade class who collected the most with 665. Mrs. McManus’ class received a coupon for the school store. Congratulations go out to classrooms who collected over 500 Box Tops including:

  • Mrs. Bednarzyk’s second grade
  • Mrs. Clayton’s first grade
  • Mr. Fell's sixth grade

LOVE AND LOGIC: How To Prepare Children To Handle Difficult People/ adapted from the work of Sally Ogden

How do we prepare children to handle difficult and critical people in the world?

A great deal of attention has turned to the prevention of bullying. To address bullying we see that changing the external world has its limitations. Some educators and parents hope to create a perfect world, prohibiting all cruel acts or apprehending all perpetrators. This is noble, but not realistic. Unfortunately adults can’t control what happens in every situation in the neighborhood, at school, at the mall, at sporting events, at parties, etc.

What we can do is teach children how to respond and react to difficult situations. When we teach children how to create more peaceful interactions and diffuse the power of bullies, we empower them with skills and confidence. We do this by:

1. Help children translate citical messages. If something said is mean, critical, or cruel, it’s coming from a place of pain . Kids can say to themselves: “The other guy isn’t doing too well right now. I don’t need to internalize this mean comment.”

2. Help children respond unemotionally. The key is for kids not to engage in the bully’s attempt to get them upset. Rather, children should respond in a manner that does not give the bully power over them. When bullys cannot get others to act in a weak, childish, or retaliatory, they are defused.

For example:

  • Use an “I” Message: “I choose not to listen when people criticize my mom.”
  • Agree with the criticism: “I know, I do have funny ears. Oh well!”
  • Use a neutral response: “I’m sorry you see it that way,” or, “Thanks for telling me.”

MUSIC NEWS From Mr. Weir, Mr. Reilley, Mr. Robinson, and Miss Bougher:

All Pine Run students are invited to bring in concert or theater programs to hang on the board in the Music Room to show what Pine Run has seen this year! Anything from concert programs from Tohickon or C.B. West all the way to Broadway show Playbills are welcome. Programs will be returned at the end of the year. Thank you for sharing!

40 Assets- CB Cares

November: #30 Responsibility. Young person accepts and takes personal responsibility for his/her behavior. Young person accepts and takes personal responsibility for their actions and decisions at home, and/or at school, and/or in the community.

December: #34 Cultural Competence. Young person has knowledge of and comfort with people of different cultural/racial/ethnic backgrounds. They accept and appreciate differences in people; they establish friendships with those from different backgrounds. We might notice that they do not tolerate jokes or other put-downs that demean people of different backgrounds.

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