The Falcon Flyer

November 2020

Dear Foothills Families,

It is hard to believe that another month has passed us by and we have just ended our first term of this very different school year. October was a great month at Foothills.

We were able to raise over $5000 with our PTO Fundraiser and because of that we will be able to purchase updated audio enhancement systems for 4 of our classrooms, provide a variety of activities for students and teachers, purchase a Digital Citizenship program for the school, and help purchase masks and other supplies that will help keep our students and staff healthy and safe. That is amazing, thank you for your generous help!

We had over 100 students participate in our Expressions Contest and it was fun for them to be able to show their talents through this program. Candy Grams was a huge success and every student got several candy grams delivered to them throughout the week because of so many thoughtful students, teachers, and parents. And we topped the month off with a fun Halloween celebration.

I like to think of the famous High School Musical Song, “We’re All in This Together” when we have so many great things happening at our school. There are many parents that come to school to volunteer their time in the classroom, help with different PTO Activities, attend parent/teacher conferences, and I know so many parents help at home with homework, reading, or just spending time with their children! And finally, the teachers and staff at Foothills work hard every day to ensure your children receive the very best education, services and love possible! We are definitely all working together to help the best group of students I know! Thank you so much for sending us your very best kids. We love having them here at Foothills.

Since November is the month that we focus on gratitude we want to show our teachers some gratitude this month. We would love to have our students and parents take a few minutes to write a card, draw a picture, or send an email to their teacher thanking them for all they do for their class and our school. Thank you for taking some time to let our teachers and staff know how grateful you are for them.

We look forward to a great November. We feel lucky to have such great help and support from our school community.

--Thanks, Mrs. Stoddard

November Calendar

1- Daylight Savings Time Ends

11- Veteran's Day

19- 3:30 School Community Council

25-27- Thanksgiving Break- NO SCHOOL

December 3- SEPs

PTO Events

Our Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is working hard to support our teachers and students!

  • A big thank you to Cari Hansen and the Expressions Committee for organizing the Expressions Contest and for ALL THE AMAZING ART PROJECTS that were turned in.
  • A big thank you to Annie Mead and the Grab'n Go Committee for arranging a fun treat for our staff each month!
  • A big thank you to Lacy Banks and her team for working so hard to provide thousands of Candy Grams for the students.
  • A big thank you to Carole Balls and her team for putting together a fun Spook Alley for the students.
  • A big thank you to Natalie Erickson for surprising the faculty with a Halloween treat.
  • Another thank you to everyone for all your support of our fundraiser this month as well!

There will not be a PTO meeting in November. We want to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season!!

School Land Trust Program at Foothills Elementary FYI

The School LAND Trust Program, established by the Legislature in 1999, distributes the “annual dividend” from the permanent State School Fund through school districts to all public schools in the state. Each year our School Community Council prepares a plan to address the greatest academic need for Foothills Elementary with the dividend.

In an effort to keep parents informed, the Trust Land money we received last year helped us hire Reading and Math Tutors to help students improve their reading and math skills. It was also used to purchase programs, technology, and fine arts resources for our students. We were also able to provide training and professional development for our teachers. Using these monies was a great help to our teachers, students, and community. We appreciate our School Community Council for all of their help and input to use this money as effectively as possible this year. Thank you!

Safe Routes to School

To keep all our students safe as they arrive and depart from school here are a few friendly reminders with safe routes to school:

  • Students should walk on sidewalks and cross at corners and/or crosswalks making sure to look both ways before they cross.
  • Students who ride bikes and scooters to and from school should stay on sidewalks and walk their bikes through crosswalks and on school grounds.
  • Parents thank you for watching for students as you drive through our neighborhoods, stopping at stop signs to let them cross, and watching for students riding bikes as well.

Now that the cold weather is upon us, please remember to dress appropriately for the weather. Please bundle the kids up with a coat, hat, gloves and scarf.

Thank you Parents

Thank you parents for all your support with this amazing school year and all you are doing to keep our students safe and healthy.

Here are a few reminders of how you can help us at school:

  • Screen your children each morning for the Coronavirus symptoms. If they have any symptoms please keep them home.
  • Send your child with a water bottle to use throughout the day.
  • Check in at the office before going any further into our school building.
  • Send your child in a clean mask each day.

We have had an increased number of students coming to school without a mask. Please remind your student(s) to bring their mask(s) every day. Masks should be washed and rotated often. We do accept donations of disposable masks as well.

When your child is absent...

We appreciate you taking the time to let the office know when your child is absent. You can also let us know ahead of time when you will be on vacation. Please call 801-423-9172 to report absences before 9:15 am. Thanks so much for your help.

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