WJHS Wildcat Post

Strong Start Volume 3 Issue 1

List of items covered in this newsletter

  1. 1st Day Procedures

  2. Cell Phone Policy - Reminder

  3. Technology Update

    1. Devices/Chromebook Checkout Form

  4. Dress code & Bell Schedule

  5. Campus Procedures

    1. Student Screener

    2. Morning & Afternoon Procedures

    3. Lunches

  6. PTO

  7. Campus Reminders

    1. Face Coverings

    2. Visitor Policy

    3. Student Schedules

  8. Remote Learners

1st Day Information

Some of this will be repeated in campus procedures below, but to be sure to communicate 1st Day procedures:

  • Doors open @ 7:15 AM

  • If buying breakfast - Student reports to cafeteria

  • If not buying breakfast - Student reports to Homeroom

    • Students/Parents should check Skyward Student info page to see Homeroom information

    • Homeroom locations will be posted in campus hallway on 1st day as well

  • Schedules go out to students during homeroom

Visitors will not be allowed on campus except for registration purposes.

Cell Phone Policy

As a reminder, we do have changes coming for the 20-21 school year in regards to a students access to telecommunication devices while on campus.

  • Students will not be allowed to access cell phones on campus from 7:15AM to 3:10PM. This includes texts, phone calls, internet use, etc. Cell phones will need to stay off in backpacks, or at home.
  • Students will no longer have access to cell phones before school or at lunch (equates to less game play and more talking with friends).
  • Students may have Smartwatches, but cannot be used as a telecommunication device from 7:15AM to 3:10PM
  • Student's that do not follow above expectations will get their phone picked up and sent to front office. Parents will need to pick up the students phone from the front office for $15.

Q: What if I need to get a message to my child, or they need to contact me during the school day?

All parent/student communication will go through the front office as it always has. Parents will be able to call the front office, who can then deliver a message to your child. Students will still have access to a phone in the front office where they can make calls home for important issues. At 3:10PM (end of school day) each day, students will be allowed full use of cell phones.

Technology Update

Devices & Chromebook Checkout

First, please fill out the District Chromebook Agreement for each child that will need a school issued Chromebook. No Chromebook will be issued until this form has been filled out. In-person learners will receive their Chromebooks on Wednesday and Thursday during school. Distance learners can pick theirs up Wednesday evening from 4pm to 7pm in front of the school. Distance learners need to be sure to sign in and check their classes Wednesday before 11:59pm to be counted present.

We are asking that all parents provide a device for their students this school year, and that students bring this device to campus daily. We realize this might not be possible at this time and we certainly understand. We have a limited number of devices to check out to students with a priority toward the students on free and reduced lunch.

Hotspot checkouts for distance learners is being handled by the technology department. Use the link below to make a request:

Hot Spot Request

Campus Procedures

Student Screener

Parents, please plan to review this screening tool before school every morning for each of your school-aged children.

Student At Home Health Screening Tool

Morning Procedures

  • Doors Open @ 7:15 AM

  • Students that purchase breakfast immediately report to Cafeteria and will stay their until 1st period.

  • All car riders dropped off at front entrance (see exceptions below)

  • All other students report to their Homeroom

    • Find your child’s homeroom on the student information page in Skyward Family Access.

    • Homerooms will also be posted in Hallways on the first day of school.

  • Band & Athletic students

    • Will be allowed to drop off equipment or instruments before going to the cafeteria or Homeroom.

    • Once school is going, students with instruments / athletic equipment can be dropped in stadium parking lot.

Afterschool Procedures

  • Bell rings @ 3:10 PM

  • Students will be allowed to take out cell phones @ 3:10

  • Students will be asked to social distance while waiting for pickup


Students will be socially distanced to the greatest extent possible. Visitors will not be allowed to eat with students on campus. If your student forgets their lunch, we will be able to deliver it to the student. We ask that you limit bringing lunch for your student on campus as much as possible to start the school year.


Please use the link below to sign up for the 20-21 WJHS PTO:

PTO Sign up

Please use the link below to order a PTO Gaiter

PTO Gaiter Order

Campus Reminders

Face Coverings

We are excited to welcome students back face to face! However, because we have no way of knowing details of everyone’s medical conditions, and in an effort to comply with Governor Abbott’s July 2 Executive Order, we ask that in consideration for the health and safety of everyone that students and staff wear a face covering on campus whenever social distancing is not possible. The only exceptions are students with medical conditions or disabilities which might medically prevent them from wearing face coverings, we ask that you submit medical documentation from a medical professional to the front office. We will likely provide a wrist band or some other form of identification for those students who fall into this category.

Visitor Policy

To begin the 20-21 school year, campus visitors are limited to only those essential to campus operations. Please remember that all visitors will need to comply with Governor Abbott’s Executive Order by wearing a face covering. Visitors will not be able to travel beyond the front office area. We ask that most business be conducted by phone or virtually. Additionally, visitors will not be able to eat lunch with students on campus. Parents will be allowed to drop student’s lunches off in the front office on an emergency basis, but we will deny anyone else delivering lunches. This is all in an effort to keep staff and students safe and healthy. Please keep lunch deliveries to a minimum.

Student Schedules

Students’ will receive schedules in Homeroom on the 1st day of school. Students will report to homeroom period and receive a paper copy of their schedule. Students can see their homeroom in Skyward Family Access on the student information page. We will also post lists of homerooms in the hallways on the first day.

The only schedule changes will be for scheduling errors such as:

  • A missing class period

  • A student already received credit for class

  • A student wants to participate or no longer wants to participate in an extracurricular activity with an associated course (director approval needed)

  • A change from one sport to another sport (both coaches approval required)

The counseling office may change a student’s schedule during the first week of school to level classes. Students must follow their current schedule until they receive official notification of a change.

Remote Learning

For those choosing remote learning

Information will go out Tuesday, August 18 and will be posted on the website with instructions on how your student will access instruction from home.

We are thankful that we are able to offer remote instruction to those students who feel more comfortable learning in that environment. I would like to point out that remote instruction will look very different than last spring. The workload will be more intense. The state requires secondary remote learners to engage DAILY and we will take attendance on a daily basis. Below are the three criteria for measuring a students engagement and attendance:

1. Daily progress in Google Classroom (Engaged in daily remote activities as assign in Google Classroom) OR

2. Daily progress via teacher-student interactions (email, zoom, or other forms of remote interaction) OR

3. Completion/Turn-in of assignments on Google Classroom

Our goal is for the remote instruction students to have the same assignments and assessments as the face to face students.