By Joey and Griffin

Destination Details

Mars, also known as the Red Planet, is about 141 million miles from the sun(1.52 AU). In comparison, Earth is about 92.5 million miles from the sun. One year on Mars is about 687 days, which is almost double Earth's year. At a 25 degree tilt, the seasonal patterns of Mars are very similar to Earth's, although they are nearly twice as long due to the length of Mars' year. Mars's day is a little over 24 hours long with roughly 12 hours of both daylight and nightlight. During Mars' winter at the poles, temperatures can plummet to as low as -195 F. In the summer near the equator, temperatures often get as high as 70 F. At night, temperatures will often drop to -100 F as Mar's atmospheric composition does not allow fo much heat retention. Mars does not have any liquid water on the surface. It is believed that there was once water on the surface but now it is only in the underground lakes and rivers. There is only ice on Mars' surface at the moment. Finally, Mars' gravity is only 38% of Earth's. This means that a 150 lb person on Mars would only weight 57 lbs on Mars. Mar's atmosphere is mostly carbon dioxide. Also Mars has two moons. The diameter is 4,412 miles.
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Flight Details

The flight from Earth to Mars will not be the quickest thing you will ever do in your life. Depending on the alignment of the planets as well as the speed of the launch, the voyage could take anywhere from six to eight months. However, you will not be bored on the flight as the shuttle has a fully functioning workout facility as well numerous DVD's, books, and a Netflix account that can be accessed at any time. Also, if you pay extra, you will be able to stop at the International Space Station and receive a guided tour of the facility.


Mars has a pretty hostitable climate compared to many other planets in our solar system. The temperatures are mild and it receives a fair amount of sunlight every day. However, Mars' very elliptical orbit causes its distance from the sun to greatly vary. This means that, occasionally, Mars will have pretty extreme temperatures as well as weather. This includes some snow fall as well as large dust storms.
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Accommodations and Amenities

Here at the Mars Bed and Breakfast, we want you to be as stress-free as possible and enjoy your time here. Therefore, we included the following items to make your stay as great as possible. These include:

  • The hotel is filled with oxygen at all times
  • Each room has an XBOX One, as well as a 72 inch plasma screen TV with over 1000 channels as well as Netflix and Amazon Prime
  • A rec area with a basketball court that can be used for various activities, as well as a weight room
  • An enclosed glass observatory above the hotel so you can observe the stars as night as well as take in the breathtaking views of the beautiful planet
  • A spa
  • Unlimited hot water as well as all the toiletries you need
  • 3 meals a day as well as snacks and drinks that are available for purchase
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What to Bring

Although we provide much, there a few things we recommend that you bring yourself to make your stay even more enjoyable. These include:

  • Extra cans of oxygen
  • Many changes of clothes
  • Cash to buy food as well as purchase items at the hotel gift shop
  • A personal first-aid kit as well as any other types of medication for any unforeseen situations
  • Binoculars to observe from far away
  • A camera to capture all your awesome moments on the red planet

Things to Do

Here on Mars, the activities will be more than enough to fill your stay. Some of the things you can do are:

  • Snow-skiing/snowboarding on the mountains near the poles
  • Zip line from a mountain back to the hotel
  • Climbing up Mount Mons, which is the tallest mountain in the solar system
  • Hiking and exploring the numerous canyons and mountains around the area\
  • Snow-mobiling the ice caps in the north
  • Dirt bike riding
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Potential Dangers

Although Mars is a safe and fun planet, there are a few thing to look out for while staying here:

  • Intense Dust storms which can be life threatening if one gets caught in them
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Lack of breathable air
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Fun Facts

The Red Planet is a truly amazing spectacle. Like many other planets, the name Mars comes from the the Greek Gods; Mars is the Greek God of war. On Mars, the Sun appears about half as big as it does on Earth. Not only is the size seen as about half of the size, but it also appears to be blue from the surface! With its extremely cool temperatures, Mars is the only other planet that has ice caps besides Earth that we know of. Mars is thought to be the most inhabitable planet in our solar system and NASA intends on sending a handful of brave astronauts on a one way trip to the Red Planet in hopes of learning more about its surface and hopefully making a pivotal moment in the colonization of Mars.


Bob from England: "My trip to Mars was amazing. The long flight there wasn't the best but it was totally worth it. The hotel staff were amazing. Also, skiing the northern polar ice caps is unparalleled. Further, the views were unparalleled. I would recommend this trip to anyone! 9.5/10

Mars Rover Curiosity: The Mars Rover Curiosity's mission to Mars has been a great success. It touched down with no problems and began to explore. It did things such as measure the Red Planet's radiation as well as drilling into many Martian rocks. Further, it searched to see if Mars could have supported life billions of years ago. Curiosity's mission has been great.