Liberation of Concentration Camps

By: Noah Simcoe

Liberation of the Nazi Camps

Allied troops began stretching over Europe in a series of attacks against Nazi Germany, finding over tens of thousands of concentration camps filled with prisoners. These prisoners were dying from starvation and diseases. Soviet forces liberated the concentration camps of Majdanek, Belzec, Sobibor, and Treblinka.

Liberation of Auschwitz

Monday, Jan. 1st 1945 at 12am

West of Krakow

The Soviets liberated Auschwitz, Auschwitz was known to be the largest killing center and concentration camp under Nazi control. The majority of Auschwitz prisoners were forced north, so only several thousand survivors were held at the camp. More than 800,000 women's outfits were found, with also 14 K pounds of human hair were found in warehouses around the camp. The Soviets also continued their march, liberating the camps; Stutthof, Sachsenhausen, and Ravensbrueck.
Band of Brothers- Liberation of Concentration Camp

Band of Brothers- Liberation of Concentration Camp

The Band of Brothers video shows to people how bad the conditions were for the Jewish people at the concentration camps.
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6 Million Jews died during the holocaust by execution, exhaustion, disease, or starvation, causing over 2/3 of the Jewish population to wipe out.

"Never shall I forget these things, even if I am condemned to life as long as God himself." - Elie Wiesel, Night

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Each red dot on the map indicates location of many camps spread out across Europe, that were liberated during the holocaust.