Changing the negatives into positives

My Experience...

We have all lost someone, but it’s not only death that parts people. I have experienced a loss of such—her name was Aliaa and she was my best friend. Aliaa and I were once inseparable, now we can walk by each other and not even say “hi.” You could say she was my other half, my partner in crime, and my sister. As we grew older, we began to drift more and more. Most of the time spent we together I was bored, but forced myself to sound interested for her sake, but sooner I grew to recognize she was doing the same for me. We still talked as much, we still hung out, but our mindsets had become complete different. We had found new interests and made new goals; in a way it seemed as if we had just outgrown each other. She had changed, and so had I.

Learning along the way...

You might be asking yourself right now, “How did this experience change her?”, and the answer is simple, it helped me accept change and know that not all change is bad. I didn’t figure this out until recently when I looked back at everything. But you always have to remember that the best is yet to come, have patience; life has a way of working itself out.

The Advice Of An Expert...

  • Smile!
  • Don't let this experience hold you back, instead view it as a new beginning
  • Make new friends which will bring new memories.
  • Remember that under no circumstances is it your fault-- some friendships aren't meant to last forever.
  • Don't change, rather improve

My Study...

While completing this project, it hit me that everyone goes through a fall out with a friend at some point, so I decided to conduct a study. I constructed a survey and had 26 volunteers answer my one question: Why did your friendship end?

To be completely honest, the results did surprise me.

Evaluate Your Friendship....

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then evaluate your friendship. All friends fight but sometimes it's best to remove them. Toxic friends can cause you lots of stress, if this stress continues to grow it can and will cause issues, physically and emotionally. I promise you, that it might sound impossible at first, but you can move on, an when you do it gets better, just be patient.