La Charla Con Sra. Chaney

Spring 2016 - Week 17

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Welcome to week 17 + Final exam details

    The exam for Spanish 2 with NCVPS has two parts: project and quiz. The quiz assesses listening and reading comprehension and the project is for students to demonstrate mastery of speaking and writing concepts taught in Spanish 2 (written/oral presentation skills in Spanish-- students are expected to be at Novice High for writing, listening and reading and Novice Mid for speaking at the end of Spanish 2).

    • Students get ONE ATTEMPT on the final exam quiz portion.
    • The quiz must be completed in one sitting, it cannot be started and stopped.

    Students will have a full week to complete the project portion due on May 20 at 11:59pm. As soon as they complete the last required assignment in Unit 8 the project portion becomes available to them.

    • Students can work on the project throughout the week.
    • Students can use previous assignments/feedback of THEIR OWN to help them on this project-- they may not use work belonging to other students or that of an online translator, website, tutor, etc. (see academic integrity expectations below).
    • Students must use a web 2.0 tool (ie: not Powerpoint). They can use Prezi, Padlet, Google Slides, Voki, etc. any tool they've used so far this year.
    • The project must contain written and spoken elements, include images and citations to get maximum credit.
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