For Fellow Blacks


Fellow brothers and sisters of the Black Belt, this is your chance to break the shackles that bound you to slavery and free yourself from all inhuman practices that the Whites impose on us. We are done being referred to as "darkies" and we are done being inhumanely flogged by the whites and treated like animals. We must escape this peculiar institution that we live in that separations us from all equal men by legalizing slavery. We need to leave and create our own lives. So escape. Many have done it and will be here to help you all escape yourselves. The key is to follow our specific instructions. Good luck and may God be with you all.


1) It is utmost importance for you to escape the plantation you are working in without the an overseer catching you for they will beat you and make you wish you never left. Best time to do this is at night when everyone is asleep. Go under another pretense like a need to relieving yourself so that if you are caught, you have a motive.

2) After your escape is successful, head to the Eastern Shore of Maryland. This location is to the North of anywhere in the South. In order to keep North, remember to watch for the path of the birds and watch the trees for moss as it grows on the side of the trunk facing north. At night keep your eyes open for the North Star as it will show you the way north.

3) Remember to keep to the forests! This was no one will see you. Beware though, keep watch for the traps that the White set just to capture us and destroy our hopes for freedom. Also note that there will be dogs along with their masters who are also present in order to take us and sell us again. If you hear a dog do not panic. Find the nearest body of water and cleanse yourself in order to rid yourself of any odor and destroy your trail. Then hide yourself until the dogs have passed.

4) After you have reached the Eastern Shore, look for a man in a white shirt with a blue pin. His name is Timothy and he will take you to the infamous Harriet Tubman. As part of the underground railroad, she will arrange for you to escape America and into Canada where there is no slavery. To keep from others noticing, she changes up her modes of transporting runaways from hiding in wagons to moving from safe house to safe house in short distances. She knows of many people who will assist you through this half of the journey by taking you to safe houses and providing for you.

5) From Maryland, you will go through Charleston, West Virginia to Columbus Ohio. She will take you all the way to through Ohio to Lake Erie where a white man who is on our side will arrange a boat to take you across. Remember, he is on our side so do as he says in order to make it across to the free Canada.

6) I hope that you can all make it to the free land of Canada. Keep faith in God. Your life is just about to begin.

Inspirational Black Leaders:

Nat Turner: Preacher who lead a huge revolt in 1831 in Southampton Country, Virginia. He killed about sixty whites. This revolt was one of the most important of the 19th century.

Denmark Vesey: Planned a rebellion in 1822 in the United States. It never was successful but it is the thought that counts. Also created a conspiracy which combined American and American influences.