Jeff Skoll

By: Chuck Igo

Jeff Skoll Background

He was born January 16th, 1965 in , Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He went to School at Stanford University. He also earned his degree at Toronto University in 1987

History of eBay

Jeff Skoll was the first employee of the Website eBay. eBay was founded on September 3rd, 1995. The product changed the world because no we had a way to shop online and it was very easy.

Jeff Skoll's entrepreneural qualities

He is a very kind guy because he gave a lot of his money to charities. A very good leader.His father was also an entrepreneur.

MY opinion

I admire what he did because he created one of the largest companies in the world and because it had to have been hard for him to do so. I honestly couldn't invent everything because there is already an invention for what I would want to make.