Career Investigation Project

By: Hadley Meeks

Everything You Need to Know about an Architectual and Engineering Manager

Architectural and engineering managers plan, coordinate, and direct activities in architectural and engineering companies. Architectural and engineering managers use their knowledge of architecture or engineering to oversee a variety of activities. They may direct and coordinate production, operations, quality assurance, testing, or maintenance at manufacturing sites, industrial plants, engineering services firms, and research-and-development laboratories. Architectural and engineering managers are responsible for developing the overall concept of a new product or for solving technical problems preventing the completion of a project. To accomplish their aim, they must determine technical goals and produce detailed plans. In addition, architectural and engineering managers must know how to prepare budgets and hire and supervise employees.

There are about 193,800 jobs of being this type of manager. This type of manager makes about $124,870 per year in Georgia. In the nation the wage ranges from $80,300-$187,200. The requirements to have this job include a bachelor's degree along with 5 years or more of experience. The first 5 years is when you will receive the training to be a manager by having experience being an engineer or architect. The working environment includes most architectural and engineering managers spend their workday in an office. Some also may work in industrial plants and laboratories or at construction sites. Although most work full time, about half worked more than 40 hours a week in 2012. maturity, creativity, self-motivation, flexibility, decisiveness, and the ability to cope with high levels of stress. Successful marketers must have well-honed communications skills, tact, good judgment, and an exceptional ability to interact effectively with colleagues, clients, and the general public.


specific resources for networking

Market powering is a good resource for networking because it provides a great deal of resources that help other companies market their company. With the help of this website along with others, it allows companies to benefit and work almost as a team to improve their weaknesses.

Chief Marketing Officer Council offers free top-tier resources for non-members, including facts, statistics, and direct marketing online. This helps provide information to companies even without a membership to help better their company.

The international internet marketing association works to bring marketers, agencies, and professionals together to discuss the capabilities and potential of internet marketing. It provides useful links, marketing data, e-mail marketing, vendors, conferences, and education.

Many more websites are available to marketers and managers to increase the marketing of companies.

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