Maverick Theatre

Mrs. Alverson's Theatre Class and Program

Welcome to my Theatre Class!

The past couple of weeks have been bittersweet as I said goodbye to 5 sections of my Theatre I classes and introduced myself to 6 new classes. Theatre II has also seen some changes since we went from 10 students to 34. I am thankful for the growth in our theatre program and only hope it continues as the year progresses. I have already had a blast working with my new Theatre I students and look forward to their first performance Wednesday, February 3rd.

Important Dates/Events

Theatre 1-

  • Wednesday, February 3- First Performance- Audience Etiquette Commerical
  • Thursday, February 4-Field Trip. Students need to come dressed and will not have time to change.
  • Friday, February 5- Quiz #1

Theatre 2-

  • Feb. 1-5- Students will be working on audition monologues in class with me
  • Tuesday, February 3- Students will take headshot photos
  • Thursday, February 4- Field Trip. Students need to come dressed and will not have time to change.
  • Friday, February 5- Quiz #1
  • Mock Auditions will be February 11-12 for a Major Grade.

Maverick Theatre-

Students participating in the Multicultural Event "Wax" Museum need to come to Mrs. Alverson's room after school Tuesdays, 4:15-5:15 pm. More information will be given to parents closer to events of additional rehearsals and actual event.

Mrs. Alverson

I am SUPER excited about this year and I am ready for it to be the best year! This is my first year teaching at Jobe, and I previously worked at Kennedale High School. I have been acting since I was a child and am blessed to have performed in the DFW area, New York, and England. However, I got my start attending MISD and being in the district's amazing theatre programs. I am married to the love of my life, Daniel, and we enjoy watching movies, soccer, traveling, reading, going to coffee shops, and spending time with our family.