Early Ojibwe


Sugar camps

After the snow melted the ojibwe moved to sugar camps. There they made maple sugar.They went through the maple grove forest and they then cut a gash in each tree. Then they put a wooden spout in each gash and before long sap was slowly coming out of each spout. They stored these in birch bark containers. After they collected the syrup they put the sap into kettles over burning fires. As the sap boiled down it was transformed into maple sugar. They stored this for later in the year for energy


Next came the task of making the canoes. First, the Ojibwe made the structure from strong lightweight wood. Then they wrapped birch bark around the canoe's sides and bottom. They sewed it tight using twine made of spruce roots. Then they covered the seams with spruce gum. All of the ojibwe helped with this task. The elders, the young and the men and women.