HR Week at a Glance

Week of January 22

Week at a Glance

Monday, January 22

Board Meeting 6:30 Board Room

Tuesday, January 23

Wednesday, January 24

HR Department Mtg 1:00 (tentative)

Thursday, January 25

Birthday Lunch! Missy, Brenda and Nona!

Friday, January 26

Curtis Elementary Principal Interviews

Communications Hall Party 2:00pm

Deciding what not to do is as important than deciding what to do. - Steve Jobs

HR Happenings

  • This week we begin the process of determining the principal of NISD's newest elementary campus, Curtis Elementary.
  • NISD Teacher Career Fair planning is under way weekly. If your expertise is needed in a planning meeting, you'll be invited. A full departmental update will occur in the next few weeks at a Dept Meeting.
  • Our next New Hire Orientation is Tuesday, January 30th.
  • Our Mid-Year Executive Summary revealed that we have worked very hard for the first part of the year and have made great strides towards our DIP goals. Let's keep the momentum strong! #dreamteam
  • We are preparing to launch our first ever Guest Educator recognition program! GEs who meet certain criteria will receive a badge ribbon (pictured below). In addition, a select group will also be honored at the February 26th Board Meeting. We are excited to finally honor this hard-working group of individuals.
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This spring the NISD HR Department will:

  • Lead the district in opening two new campuses
  • Showcase our first ever Teacher Career Fair
  • Recruit at 11 Texas Universities and Job Fair Events
  • Continue to build our Guest Educator pool and program

Helpful Dates to Remember:

  • Inspire Celebrations April 12th
  • Northwest Reads April 27th
  • Spring Break March 12th-15th