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High School Basketball Star - Sam Holz

Sam Holz

While he was in high school, Sam Holz played for his school’s basketball team. Sam Holz played on the varsity level for three years, and was awarded the nomination of team captain in his senior year. Sam Holz also played as the starting shooting guard for his team, and received the Casey Frankel Award in 2009 for his excellent performance.

Finding Work-Life Balance, by Sam Holz

To enjoy life and the opportunities it has to offer, one has to find the right balance between work and life. This balance eludes a lot of people, and concentrating on one aspect more than the other has its downsides. For Sam Holz, finding this balance has helped him enjoy his life so far.

On one side, Sam loves academics. He's a bright student who has always kept good grades throughout his academic career. Achieving this has meant a lot of late nights studying and prepping for exams. It has also meant reading with an aim to understand the content and context of the academic material provided. He has done well in this regard and graduated in May 2014 from the University of Colorado as a Communications major is testament to that.

On the other side, Sam Holz loves basketball. He played high school basketball and was a team leader during their successful runs at conference championships. Going into college, Sam became a student manager for the CU men's basketball program. He got to interact with players and coaches, and his responsibilities ensured the team practiced and played well. During the summer in the years 2005 to 2011, he coached young kids at Kent Denver Summer School. He took this role seriously, helping young players learn the fundamentals of basketball required for success.

For Sam Holz to balance these two major aspects of his life successfully, he had to prioritize his days. No minute was wasted, and when needed, he took time off to relax with family and friends.

Sam Holz: Volunteer Work is rewarding

Like many other individuals who appreciate their communities, Sam Holz takes the time to volunteer to worthy causes in his community. Being of Jewish descent, Sam volunteered during the Jewish Family Service in his Colorado community. According to Sam, volunteering is rewarding, and everyone should aspire to give their time in service to the community.

One of the cornerstones in volunteer work is helping the less fortunate. Not everyone in society is blessed to have all they require. Helping the less fortunate opens your eyes to the misfortunes of others and spurs you to help even more. Sam believes that during such service, you should provide the same level of assistance as you would to a loved one.

Volunteering also gives you the opportunity to learn more about yourself. As Sam realized, volunteering enabled him to realize that he had an empathetic side to him. He might have known this about himself, but this side did not show itself until he was in a position to help others. Such a realization is crucial as it helps mold your thinking and makes you appreciative of the life you have.

Putting a smile on someone’s face is rewarding. To see a previously hungry old man, for example, now happy for having food in his belly is an experience that cannot be quantified, says Sam. Seeing the direct impact your actions have on others is powerful, and touches you to the core.

Sam Holz wishes more of his peers can become volunteers and experience the benefits he has known through the work.

Sam Holz: Preparing for Job Interviews

Many college graduates go into life after school with hopes and dreams of success. To achieve their dreams, says Sam Holz, one has to be prepared for what life has to offer. It’s a competitive world, and one will be competing for limited work opportunities with thousands of other hopefuls. Standing out from the pack is essential, and prospective employers often look for prepared candidates. Sam Holz shares tips for preparing for interviews.

Dress sharply

First impressions often leave lasting impressions. As an interviewee, you want to leave an impression of one adequately prepared for the job. Attire plays an important role during the assessment, so you want to appear professional. Men look sharp with tucked-in button shirts, clean pants and polished shoes. Ladies can opt for skirt- or trouser-suits, but should also remember to have their hair done. Stay away from wacky hairdos; a simple, laid-back hair cut or style (for ladies) is more elegant.

Write a Good CV

Tailor your CV to every position you apply or are invited to interview for, rather than send a general career CV. Different positions will have different demands, so tailor your CV to reflect your competence in various aspects. Take the time to create this document, and remember to proofread it once finished. If you lack the skills to prepare one, hire a professional CV writer, advises Sam Holz.

Practice beforehand

Having been a successful basketball player in his high school days, Sam Holz knows the importance of practice. Before that big interview, practice your responses in front of the mirror or with friends. Doing this will take away the tension and help you come up with answers faster when the questions are posed.

Sam Holz is Proud of his Jewish Roots

The Holocaust is a time in the world's history that many wish never happened. The pain and suffering that human beings put their friends and loved ones through will forever be remembered. However, it is also a time when the strength and resilience of the human spirit showed itself, even when times seemed bleak. Survivors of this horrible time are looked to as heroes, and Sam Holz is blessed to have two in his family.

His grandparents, Paul and Hilda Holz, survived the terrible torture and inhumane treatment exhibited during this dark time in history. They showed strength to come through alive, and instill in their children the value of love for each other. Sam Holz is born of their son, his father, who is also proud of his Jewish heritage.

Sam's mother, aware of her husband' strong Jewish background converted from Catholicism and joined him in raising their children Jewish. Growing up, Sam was greatly encouraged from this and would not shy away from sharing his heritage with friends. He associated with a strong fighting spirit that characterized his grandparents.

It's this fighting spirit that Sam Holz would draw upon during his early high school years, when he was recognized as a leader for the school basketball team. He led the team to success in various tournaments, and the community fondly remembers his years there. His heritage is special to him and will be a part of him for years to come.

Sam Holz: Being an Effective Basketball Coach

Despite his young age, Sam Holz already has extensive basketball coaching experience. From 2005 to 2011, Sam coached Kent Denver Summer School’s basketball teams. During these summer camps, he interacted with young children eager to learn the game. On his part, Sam took it as an opportunity to impart knowledge that would be useful for the young players in their future playing days.

At the University of Colorado, Sam worked as a student manager for the schools men’s basketball program. It was an experience like no other, says Sam, and it came at a time when the program produced consecutive winning seasons. During this time, he learnt a few tips that potential coaches can put into practice.

Be patient

Teams incorporate different players with different skills and personalities. Before everything clicks like clockwork, you must exhibit patience with your players. Allow them to grow into a team environment, even as they learn to tolerate each other and work together. It will take time, but players will appreciate the patience you show in their progress.

Show appreciation

As a coach, players look up to you for inspiration and encouragement. Nothing kills interest than a coach who constantly admonishes and berates players. Show that you appreciate the efforts and plays they make, and players will rally around you. Besides, sports are fun, so don't sour things with a bad mood.

Listen to players

What players see on the court is many times different from what coaches and fans see from the sidelines. Listen to feedback from players, and adjust game plans to the pertinent issues they raise.

Sam Holz: Proud Jewish Heritage

The Holocaust is regarded as one of the worst atrocities in the history of mankind, an event that continues to endure as a sobering and somber reminder of the often destructive and brutal nature of man. Holocaust survivors, however, are a testament to mankind’s resilience, endurance and strength, even in the face of the most horrifying of times. Sam Holz is proud to be the Grandson of two Holocaust survivors, and to continue on with his family’s legacy of survival and ability to thrive even in the most challenging and devastating of situations.

Sam Holz is proud of his Jewish Heritage, and to continue to represent his family name, and his family’s legacy, with pride and distinction. His grandparents, Paul and Hilda Holz, survived the horrors of the Auschwitz camp many years ago, persevering through unspeakable and inhuman terrors and tortures and surviving one of the worst and most destructive wars in human history.

Sam Holz’s father is the son of Paul and Hilda Holz. Aware of his strong Jewish background, Sam’s mother converted from Catholicism to Judaism, shortly before their marriage, joining his father in raising the family Jewish. Sam Holz continues to proudly exclaim his Jewish heritage, and to share his legacy with the people he knows and cares about.

Sam Holz is proud to be a part of a family who was able to endure and overcome the worst mankind has to offer. For Sam Holz, having a strong Jewish heritage is particularly special, and will be a major part of his life for many years to come.

Sam Holz: An Interest in Political Science

Sam Holz pursued and earned a degree in Communications from the University of Colorado, earning his Bachelor’s degree in the subject in the Spring of 2014. Though communications and broadcasting were his primary fields of academic focus at CU, Sam Holz was also passionate about improving his overall understanding of government and government operation during his student tenure. He is grateful for both the instruction and the political science education he received at the University of Colorado.

Sam Holz minored in political science, and is glad to now have a better understanding of and insight into the political process. Knowing not only how government works, but also who government’s major role players are as well as what fuels government operation is essential to being an informed and active member of the electorate. Sam Holz hopes to now use his recently acquired knowledge in political science and government operation to be a more effective and involved local citizen; someone capable of making better choices and being a more effective member of the voting public.

Sam Holz has an in-depth familiarity with both broadcasting and with the political sciences. He understands that the two aren’t always mutually exclusive, and that both fields more or less depend on one another for healthy and successful function. He hopes to build a successful career on the knowledge and instruction he received at the University of Colorado, and to become a productive and prosperous member of the local, state and national societies. Sam Holz is active, educated and involved.

Sam Holz: Successful Academic

Sam Holz is the product of a high-quality education, one rooted in success at two accredited and well-respected academic institutions. He initially established himself as a devoted academic at the University of Missouri, quickly rising to the top of the nationally-acclaimed and recognized UM Department of Journalism before transferring to the University of Colorado.

Sam Holz came to the University of Colorado in 2010, continuing his tradition of academic excellence and fully immersing himself into one of the most respected and well-known communications departments in the country. Strongly committed to both learning and to his studies, Sam Holz quickly became recognized for his academic prowess, establishing himself as a devoted student who would work tirelessly and diligently to reach his goals and become a stand-out communications student.

Sam Holz spent many long hours preparing himself quizzes, midterms and finals, and put in the time, effort and research necessary to develop and produce the most informed and comprehensive papers possible. A Spring 2014 graduate of the University of Colorado, Sam Holz now possesses a degree in Communications, one he hopes to use as a foundation for a successful and lasting career in broadcasting.

Sam Holz continues to be a proud member of the Boulder, Colorado community, and to enjoy the many high quality recreational opportunities the area has to offer. He is now a professional who has recently accepted a position with JobApp Plus, and hopes to be of high-quality service to the firm for many years to come. He is an accomplished and focused individual.

Sam Holz: March Madness

Sam Holz was a member of the CU Men’s Basketball staff for over three years. During his time with the time, he has enjoyed a firsthand look at and experience with the intensity and energy of NCAA March Madness, one of the most well-known, competitive and exciting sports tournaments in the world.

As student manager of the CU Men’s team from 2011-2014, Sam Holz enjoyed the opportunity to be a part of the team’s amazing three year run, one that included three consecutive 20-win seasons, an PAC-12 Conference Championship and three bids in the NCAA basketball tournament. He is proud to have played at least a small role in the team’s success, and to have been part of squad that continued to have consistently earned national recognition for its energetic play and competitiveness over the three year span.

Though now a successful University of Colorado graduate, Sam Holz continues to look back fondly at what was one of the most amazing experiences of his life, one that provided him not only the chance to work with talented college-level athletes up close and personal, but that also gave him a front row seat to one of the most successful runs in CU basketball history. The opportunity to work with both college athletes and professional college coaches was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that Sam Holz won’t soon forget.

Sam Holz continues to enjoy and root for Colorado Men’s Basketball, and will forever be a fan of the program. He looks forward to many future years of CU basketball success and competitiveness.

Sam Holz: Basketball Expert

Sam Holz is an expert when it comes to the game of basketball, having been a leading player and play-maker on the Kent Denver High School squad for several years. Not only does he have a strong grasp of the fundamentals, such as dribbling, passing, shooting and defense, he also understands how integral the value of teamwork is to a team’s success, and that victory is never possible without the cohesion and cooperation of everyone on the floor.

Sam Holz was a basketball star at Kent Denver High School. He provided both the on and off the court leadership his teammates needed to achieve numerous victories and benchmarks during their dominance of the team’s conference during his tenure. Both Sam Holz and his teammates earned a place in the annals of Kent Denver Athletics, a hallowed spot that will forever recognize their achievements and prowess as basketball success stories.

The success, experience and insight obtained by Sam Holz during his high school playing days translated into a successful career as student manager for the CU Men’s Basketball Program, an organization he proudly served from 2011 to 2014. As a member of the team’s staff, Sam Holz was able to tap into wealth of experience and player insight to provide players invaluable assistance both during practices and in an off the court setting. He considers himself fortunate to have been part of a very successful squad, one that achieved three 20 win seasons in a row and received three consecutive bids to the NCAA tournament.

Sam Holz: Student Manager

The University of Colorado Men’s Basketball Program enjoyed the services of Sam Holz for more than three years. As the organization’s dedicated student manager, Sam Holz served the team with both pride and distinction, filling an invaluable role in the team’s continued success during that span.

As the program’s student manager, Holz was an indispensable resource to both coaches and to players, working both on and off the court to ensure both had the best support and services possible. Sam Holz was charged with the management of equipment, the maintenance of team statistics and assistance during the team’s practice drills, and was responsible for managing both the logistics and the equipment during the team’s road games. The effort Sam Holz put in in both a visible and in a behind the scenes capacity helped to provide the team the support it needed to properly focus on performance, cooperation and winning.

The CU Men’s team enjoyed three consecutive 20 winning seasons during Sam Holz’ student manager tenure, and were even able to achieve a PAC-12 Tournament Championship during that time. Though Sam Holz doesn’t take credit for the team’s amazing success, he continues to proud to have participated in a supporting role during their incredible run. He continues to root for the CU Men’s Basketball program, and sees many future years of success for team in the coming years.

Sam Holz is a recent graduate of CU, and was the program’s student manager from 2011 until 2014. He is now a member of Boulder’s professional community.

Demonstrated Skill in High School Athletics: Sam Holz

Soon-to-be university graduate Sam Holz and will shortly enter the world of career and opportunity with a long-sought-after college degree. His academic success, however, came long aftera decorated and illustrious and decorated career in the field high school athletics. Sam Holz looks back on his athletic accomplishments with both fondness and pride.

Sam Holz was both an athlete and a student at Kent Denver High School, which is located in Englewood, Colorado. Sam Holz diligently worked to become a victorious, accomplished an integral part of the success of both the Kent baseball and basketball teams. A varsity-level basketball player for three years of his career, he continually demonstrated the qualities of determination and leadership needed to win. He became the star shooting guard of the team, and led them to a Metro Conference Championship as a Senior. As one of the elite players of The Metro League, Sam Holz served his teammates and his school as an example of leadership, skill and the will to win. His unwavering emphasis on fundamentals,teamwork as an athleteserved to elevate him to star player status, and was an important part of the team’s continued success.

Balancing a successful career in basketball with a successful baseball career wasn’t easy for Sam Holz, though it did prove to be highly rewarding. As a star player on the school’s baseball team, Sam Holz earned the position of team captain, and helped to lead the team to playoff success. The dedication and commitment that he had continually demonstrated to both teams earned Kent Denver High School esteem and recognition throughout the conference and the state. Holz is honored to be a part of Kent’s storied and successful athletic history.

A Successful Communication Career Coming Soon for Sam Holz

Sam Holz is closing in on his May, 2014 college graduation. He will soon obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Communication, thanks to his success at the acclaimed Colorado University. Sam Holz is proud of the hard work he performed and the dedication he committed to reaching this achievement. He is quickly nearing his career goal, which is to become a successful communications professional.

The elite University of Missouri School of Journalism accepted Sam Holz into the program at the beginning of his college career. This opportunity served to heighten his interest in and spark his enthusiasm for a career in communications. Holz was able to get a good start on what has transformed into a revered and successful academic career; a student tenure filled with multiple successes and a high level of academic achievement. Sam Holz was able to power through a challenging and intense Missouri journalism curriculum, accomplishing a high grade point average and achieving success at U of M student-run television station. The time he spent in this elite program provided him valuable insight into the field of communications, which provided him the chance to explore the numerous possibilities of a communications career.

Sam Holz returned to Colorado, his home state, in 2010. Colorado was the place that had given him many fond and cherished memories as a child, and provided him the foundation for scholarly success. Transferring to CU in the fall of 2010, Sam Holz was able to capitalize on his education and experiences at Missouri to quickly establish success as a CU communication student. He achieved a spot on the Dean’s List during his first CU semester, and hasn’t looked back since. Sam Holz is nearing the 2014 CU graduation ceremony with enthusiasm and confidence.

Sam Holz: Known for His Athletic Skill

Sam Holz will soon be a university graduate, and will enter the careerworld with a well-earned college degree. Long before his academic success,however, came an illustrious and decorated career in high school athletics, onethat Sam Holz looks back on with pride and fondness.

As a student and athlete at KentDenver High School, located in Englewood, Colorado, Sam Holz worked hard tobecome an accomplished and victorious member of both the basketball and thebaseball teams. As a varsity-level player for three years of his high schoolbasketball career, he continually exhibited strong leadership anddetermination, becoming the star shooting guard of the team and leading them toa Conference Championship during his Senior year. Sam Holz was one of the eliteplayers in The Metro League, and served as a powerful example to playersthroughout the conference. His emphasis on teamwork and fundamentals during hisathletic tenure elevated him to star status and played a large role in theteam’s continued success.

Sam Holz balanced a successful basketball career with a successfulbaseball career. He was also a star player on the school’s baseball team duringhis Senior year, becoming a team captain and an instrumental part of the team’splayoff success. The commitment and dedication that Sam Holz continuallydemonstrated to both teams helped to earn Kent Denver High School with recognitionfrom other schools throughout the state. He is proud of the time he spent inhigh school athletics, and of the bonds he built with his fellow players andcoaches during his career.

Sam Holz: the Beginnings of a Communication Career

Sam Holz is nearing college graduation, and will soon have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication from Colorado University. He is proud of his soon-to-be achievement, and is well on his way to becoming a career communications professional.

Sam Holz was accepted into the elite University of Missouri School of Journalism at the beginning of his college career, a fact which heightened his interest in and sparked his enthusiasm for the communications field. He got a good start on what has turned out to be a highly respectable and successful scholarly career; one filled with academic achievement and success. Sam Holz powered through an intense and challenging Missouri journalism program, achieving a strong grade point average and success at the student-run television station. The time spent at Missouri provided him insight into the communications field, and allowed him to explore the possibilities of a career in communications.

Sam Holz then returned to his home state, the place that had provided him the foundation for scholarly success and that had given him so many cherished memories as a child. Becoming a student of Colorado University in 2010, Sam Holz capitalized on his experiences at UM to make a name for himself in the CU communications department. He made the Dean’s List during his first semester, and has since never looked back. Sam Holz is approaching his 2014 CU graduation with confidence and with enthusiasm, knowing that his communication’s degree is just the first step in should be an admirable and successful career.

Sam Holz: Commitment To Excellence

Sam Holz has demonstrated a commitment to excellence throughout his college career. Sam Holz is a 22-year old senior at the University of Colorado in Boulder, where he has maintained a 3.39/4.0 cumulative grade point average in its College of Arts and Sciences. Sam Holz made CU’s Dean’s List for the Fall 2010 semester. During his time at the University of Missouri, Sam Holz earned himself a 3.24/4.0 cumulative GPA, studying in Mizzou’s top-ranking School of Journalism.

At CU, Sam Holz is majoring in Communications and minoring in Political Science. His interest in communications dates back at least to his days at the University of Missouri. There, Sam Holz was active in the student-run station MUTV. He performed relevant research, conducted interviews, and reported on assigned sports stories, and also assembled and edited news packages on completed assignments.

But his real passion is in sports. Sam Holz was a standout athlete at his Englewood, Colorado high school. Sam Holz played varsity basketball for three years. His senior year may have been his best. Playing in the Metro League, Sam Holz was team captain and the starting shooting guard. “Our team won the conference championship for our league,” he recalls fondly. Sam Holz won the Casey Frankel Award in 2009, a career achievement award which is given out each year for his school’s basketball program.

Sam Holz also excels at baseball, which he played at the varsity level in high school.

Sam Holz has learned the importance of giving back to the community, too. He is active in the Jewish Family Service in Denver, Colorado, where he helped prepare and deliver meals to those in need.

Sam Holz: Academics, Sports, Community Service

Sam Holz has had an outstanding collegiate career at the University of Colorado in Boulder. The 22-year old senior has kept up an enviable 3.39/4.0 cumulative grade point average at CU, and made the Dean’s List in the Fall 2010 semester.

That performance is a continuation of the academic excellence Sam Holz began as a student at the University of Missouri. He racked up a 3.24/4.0 cumulative GPA at Mizzou as a student enrolled in its School of Journalism, ranked in the top ten journalism schools in the United States.

Sam Holz transferred to CU to study Communications, in which he is on track to earn his degree in May of 2014. He studies Political Science as a minor. Sam Holz earned a certificate in the Business of Sports from CU’s Leeds School of Business.

What really excites Sam Holz, though, is sports. He was a stellar athlete at his Englewood, Colorado high school. Sam Holz played varsity basketball for three years and was team captain and the starting shooting guard as a senior. His team won a league championship that year. Sam Holz also excels at baseball, which he played at the varsity level in high school.

At the University of Missouri, Sam Holz participated in the student-run station MUTV. He performed relevant research, conducted interviews, and reported on assigned sports stories, and also assembled and edited news “packages” on completed assignments.

Sam Holz also has an admirable record of community service with the Jewish Family Service in Denver, Colorado, where he helped prepare and deliver meals to those who needed them.

Sam Holz:

Sam Holz has excelled in academics throughout his collegiate career. As a student at the University of Missouri’s School of Journalism he maintained a 3.24/4.0 cumulative grade point average. After transferring to the University of Colorado, Sam Holz has done even better, earning a 3.39/4.0 cumulative GPA and making the Dean’s List in the Fall 2010 semester. Sam Holz is majoring in Communications, with a minor in Political Science.

Sam Holz’s true passion, though, is sports. He played varsity basketball for three years during high school, and was its captain during his senior year. “I was the starting shooting guard that year,” he recalls. “Our team won the conference championship for our league.” Sam Holz also played on his high school’s varsity baseball team.

His academic skills merged with his interest in sports when he earned a certificate in the Business of Sports from CU’s Leeds School of Business. For the last two years Sam Holz has been involved with, a website designed to promote youth sports. He filmed and broadcasted youth sporting events for the site, and “communicated with families and athletes in promoting Coaches Aid and raised awareness for the company.” Sam Holz has also worked at youth basketball events and at youth soccer events.

Sam Holz worked as a Basketball Camp Counselor at the Kent Denver Summer School in Englewood, Colorado, coaching and teaching basketball fundamentals, theory, and teamwork to approximately 150 young campers per week.

In 2009, Sam Holz won the Casey Frankel Award, a career achievement award which is given out each year for his high school’s basketball program.

Sam Holz: Multi-Talented Athlete

Sam Holz has continually displayed a prowess for athletic competition, particularly through his active involvement in team sports. Sam Holz first established his athletic ability at Kent Denver High School, where he became known for his ability to manage involvement in multiple sporting activities that required differing and disparate skillsets.

Sam Holz first established himself as a successful basketball player. Sam Holz was given the opportunity to compete at the varsity-basketball level for three straight years. His talent and leadership abilities were highly-recognized, earning him the spot of captain during his senior year in the team. Sam Holz displayed a rare ability to lead his team up and down the court as the team’s starting shooting guard. Sam set up plays, helped to control the clock and even led his team, Kent Denver, to a conference championship in The Metro League his senior year.

Sam Holz also took his natural athletic ability, and need to stay competitive, to the sport of baseball. In addition to being a valued leader on the Kent Denver basketball team, Sam Holz also contributed to the Kent Denver baseball team during his senior year. He served as captain of the varsity-level baseball team and was instrumental in the team’s playoff run. He helped to lead both clubs to success, and is very proud of the people he met and the things he accomplished along the way.

Sam Holz wouldn’t have achieved high school athletic success without his ability to lead, his focus on teamwork and his competitive spirit.

Sam Holz: Student TV Journalist

Sam Holz is actively seeking a degree, and subsequently a career, in professional communications. He began his pursuit in 2009 at the University of Missouri, a school acclaimed for its journalism program.

Sam Holz signed up for the University of Missouri’s student run television program almost as soon as his student career began. His interest in the television medium led to his active participation in the station’s daily operations. Sam Holz was able to cultivate important and lasting relationships during his tenure at the student run station, and deeply cherishes his time there.

Sam Holz was very active as a member of the station. His participation included multiple research tasks, interviews of notable campus personalities and figures, and the reporting of campus-wide sporting events. Sam Holz was often given assignments that required on-site interviews and reporting. He was consistently able to meet his deadlines and produce quality segments for the station.

Sam Holz will always look back on his time at the station with fondness. Though his time there was short, Sam Holz remembers the valuable field and operational experience he received from working with his fellow student journalists. The workings of a television station, even at the campus level, require an immense amount of hard work, dedication and quick thinking. Sam Holz established his presence at the University of Missouri television station and was noted for his accomplishments while there.

Professional communications is Sam Holz’s career choice. He hopes to take the student TV experience, combine it with his education, and become a successful professional journalist.

Sam Holz Believes in Children

Sam Holz generously volunteered his time to helping children learn the art of basketball. Between the years of 2005 and 2011, Sam Holz committed his summers to helping young children develop their basketball skills and to learn the value of teamwork.

Sam Holz is a principled person who never hesitates to give of himself or to do the right thing. As a Camp Counselor for Kent Denver Summer School, Sam Holz stood out as a person committed to caring and to teaching. He was beloved by his campers and respected for his ability to convey important life and basketball lessons to the children. Sam Holz became a highly-respected voice at the camp and was able to transform many young lives.

Sam Holz developed leadership skills while working at the camp. By committing himself to helping others, Sam Holz transformed himself into a person that could take charge of a situation, as well as someone that could help others achieve their goals. His understanding of basketball fundamentals and emphasis of teamwork helped Sam Holz provide his students with superlative basketball instruction. The skills many children learned during their time under Sam Holz’s tutelage helped make them better players and better people.

Sam Holz attended Kent Denver High School, which was instrumental in the camp’s operation. He worked with fellow counselors to develop daily schedules and to create programs best suited to the kids’ needs. Sam Holz was also responsible for end-of-week camper assessments that evaluated the progress of select group of campers.

Why Sam Holz Believes in Volunteering

Like most altruistic individuals, Sam Holz places great value on volunteering. He enjoys giving back to his community, and used to volunteer with Jewish Family Service in Denver, Colorado. Sam Holz thinks that volunteering is important for a number of reasons, and he encourages his peers to get involved with local activities.

Sam Holz understands that even the most affluent families can be hit by economic stress. As such, he believes that giving back to those less fortunate is extremely important. Whether he’s working with the newly homeless or people who have lived in poverty for years, Sam Holz believes that it is important to provide the same level of care to anyone in need of services. After all, he knows that he would be extremely grateful for assistance if he suddenly found himself in the same position.

Another reason that Sam Holz values community service is because the act of volunteering gives you a chance to learn things about yourself. From his own experience, Sam Holz learned just how empathic and caring he is. Although he had always held these traits, it wasn’t until he started volunteering that he realized just how prominent they were to his personality.

Sam Holz also enjoys volunteering because the results are always positive. Giving your time to your community is never a bad thing, as you can see the direct impact that your efforts make. Whether the changes you help to create are small or large, Sam Holz knows that your work has undoubtedly touched someone’s life.

How Sam Holz Maintains Academic Excellence

Sam Holz is no stranger to academic success. In both his high school and university careers, Sam Holz has maintained an impressive record of academic achievement. He feels that academic success is an important part of any type of professional career, so he places great value on academic achievement.

When it comes to academics, Sam Holz is committed to studying hard. He often works long hours to ensure that he gets good grades in all of his classes. Sam Holz understands that some students may not try as much in classes that don’t relate to their majors, but he disagrees with this sentiment. In all classes, Sam Holz works to maintain a high level of success.

Sam Holz also believes in the power of self-care. As his school schedule is usually busy, Sam Holz believes that it is important to take time out of his schedule to relax and unwind. He understands the importance of balancing work and play, as a means for keeping himself energized and motivated throughout his week. Sam Holz finds that even simple activities such as taking a night off from studying or attending a sports event over the weekend can have profoundly positive effects on his mental health and well being.

Finally, Sam Holz utilizes self-reflection in his academic performance. He knows that reflecting on his successes and failures have enabled him to become a better student. Reviewing what study tactics worked or didn’t work has improved his confidence in his academic work, and has contributed to his overall success.

Sam Holz: Coping With The Loss of a Pet

It is a sad fact of life that not every visit to the vets will result in a happy outcome. It is something that veterinarians like Sam Holz encounter on a regular basis, which is why he believes that it is important to offer support to pet owners during the grieving process. The following are tips for people who have recently lost a pet.

Your Routine

You should maintain your normal routine as far as possible. Not only will this help you to approach a level of normalcy while you are adjusting to your pet no longer being here, but it will also help provide distraction when it is needed.

Consider a Memorial Service

Any pet owner knows that their animal is as much a part of the family as anyone else. Losing them can be hard, particularly on younger children who may not understand what has happened. By holding a small memorial service you can achieve a level of closure and begin the process of moving on.

Photos and Videos

Make sure to maintain plenty of mementos that remind you of the good times that you shared with the pet. Once you feel ready, it may be worth spending a night with these photos and videos, reminiscing about the times that you shared with the rest of the family.

Other Pets

The loss of a pet will have an impact on your other pets, as well as the family. Your animals will have shared their own unique relationships with one another, so it is natural for your other pets to grieve. Make sure to offer them plenty of love and attention as they adjust to the new dynamic.

Feel How You Want To

Sam Holz understands the important role that pets play, which is why you should never feel like you shouldn’t be grieving because your animal was “just a pet.” Don’t let anybody tell you how you should feel in the situation and take your time during the grieving process.

Sam Holz - How Strong Leadership Can Grow Your Business

Sam Holz is a business developer and works to help his clients reach their business growth goals. One way many business owners have found success is through strong and impactful leadership. A ship can’t run properly without a captain and a business can’t run right without a strong leader. These tips will help you understand some of the industry secrets on how and why good leadership is essential to a growing business.

  1. Communicate your vision. When your staff understands and believes in the company’s vision they will work harder and be more dedicated to the company’s goals. But they can’t contribute to the end goal if they don’t know the where, why, and how to get there. It is essential for a strong leader to communicate their vision, goals, and process so all members of the organization can buy in and help achieve them.

  2. Find and develop talent. Even the best captain can’t achieve success without a great and effective team behind him. It is vital to have a strong and empowered team that you can rely on to help your business grow. Actively seek out individuals that have qualities that are missing in your organization to have the best-rounded team possible. Once they are on-board, train them extensively so they have the best chance for success in their role. And follow up frequently with both new and existing employees for further training and development so they can continue to grow in their individual roles and help the company as a whole.

These are two of many ways that strong leadership can help a business reach its goals and continue to grow. Sam Holz uses tips like these to help his clients reach their highest potential.

Sam Holz - How To Volunteers At A Boys And Girls Club

Sam Holz has always liked to help other people. He helps his customers and clients as a business developer and in his spare time, he also likes to volunteer at a local Boys and Girls Club. If you want to do your part and make a difference in the lives of young children, you can volunteer at a Boys and Girls Club near you.

Mentor Children
You can volunteer a few hours a week with the club to mentor children. You can help tutor them, motivate them and even teach them to play a sport. Many children who attend these clubs do not have a lot of adult role models and will be happy to have someone willing to work with them.

Donate Money and Supplies
The Boys and Girls Clubs are always in need of donations. You can donate money or even donate supplies such as sports equipment, snacks, art supplies or anything else you know your local club needs.

Sponsor Events
If you own a company or work with a company who is willing to help, you can sponsor events for the Boys and Girls Club. You may want to host something as simple as a pool party or maybe even a movie night. This will allow these children who go to the club to enjoy a special experience and give you an opportunity to help.

Sam Holz loves spending time with the youths at the Boys and Girls Club where he volunteers. If you want to help young children become more confident and have more opportunities, you can volunteer too.

Sam Holz - Volunteering At A Soup Kitchen

Sam Holz works in business development where he works closely with clients and helps them build their businesses. He also cares about his community and helping those in need. One of the ways he helps is by volunteering at a soup kitchen. He enjoys serving meals to the homeless and others in the community. You can help in your local soup kitchen and make a difference in the lives of others too.

Find A Local Kitchen

Some communities have permanent locations for their soup kitchens and are always looking for volunteers. Simply stop by the soup kitchen and ask if you can help. You can then show up when needed and serve food to those in need.

Check With A Church
If you don’t have an official soup kitchen in your community, you can go to a local church to help serve food to those in need. Many churches offer a weekly or monthly soup kitchen. The church will give you information about when and where their next soup kitchen will be.

Start Your Own
If you are unable to find a soup kitchen in your community where you can work, consider starting your own. You can get with local businesses and churches and find people who are willing to donate food and time to serve food to the less fortunate.

Helping the less fortunate will not only change their lives and make you feel good inside but will also help improve your entire community. Helping at a local soup kitchen is just one of the many ways you can make a difference like Sam Holz.

Sam Holz - Becoming A Business Development Manager

Sam Holz works as a business development manager. He works to help companies increase their profits and expand operations. He enjoys the challenges that the position presents him and looks forward to coming up with new ways to solve problems and become successful. If you want to become a business development manager, these tips can help.

Attend College
While there are no formal education requirements required to become a business development manager, you should still attend college. You can focus on courses that cover business topics and works towards a degree in business. Having a degree will improve your chances of being hired as a business development manager.

Find A Position
Once you have graduated college you should start looking for a job. The demand for this career position is estimated to grow by 15 percent in the next ten years. You should start by looking for an entry level job with a company that interests you and pays well. You can later move to a new position.

Grow Within Your Company
After you begin working you will want to grow within the company. You may not start out as the business development manager, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be promoted to that position after a few years of hard work and dedication.

If you are looking for a job where you can help others and continue to grow and learn, you may want to consider becoming a business development manager. If you choose to pursue such a career, the above tips can help.