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Report Cards Update

We are working really hard to edit and complete the report card to get it out to you. Throughout the previous 3 weeks we have edited the report cards and added the most recent curriculum information. For some reason, many of the standards are returning in multiples and repeating in the final document. We are working really hard to get out the most precise report we can and I personally thank you for your patience.

NBES Marketplace Update

Parents and Guardians -

We will be having our second workshop for the Marketplace tomorrow at 2:30 - 5:00 in the NB elementary school cafeteria. Please note that if school is cancelled, the workshop is cancelled as well.

As a reminder, the following documents are items are due tomorrow:

  1. Professional Code of Conduct (signed and returned)

  2. Partnership forms (if applicable - signed and returned)

  3. Product/Service forms (Any requests for changes)

  4. Itemization Lists ( this is a material list to make item and costs so we can determine pricing)

  5. Description of products/services (full description so we can prepare the business plan)

  6. Business Name

Note: Next week we will need the final business plans and a prototype will need to be brought in for the business discussions with the business counselors.

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