Homecoming Activities

10/20 - 10/24

Show some school spirit and have some fun! This energetic week is full of exciting and creative events to surely have you pumped for Homecoming


Week Long Activity- "Andromeda Strain"
One student from each grade will be secretly selected for Monday. Each infected "mutant" can only infect 2 other people. Infection is contracted by making eye contact and crossing eyes. You must keep it a secret if you are infected. Students will email the names of the two people they infected

Day 1- "Alien Invasion"
24 students (4 per grade) will be split into 2 teams of 12. One team is aliens, the other is astronauts, who unfreeze students. If 12 students are at the first bell, Aliens win. If not, astronauts win. Frozen students must stand with both hands in the air until unfrozen.

Day 3- "MIB meets Frisbee"

14 volunteers are split into two teams playing in ultimate Frisbee.

Day 5- "Space Cadet Kickball"

2 teams of 9 players each, with three innings with three outs per team.