You Say You Want a Revolution


Purpose of the Revolution

Iceland is in need of a Revolution. They have over 300 000 families living under the poverty line due to inadequate wages and their industrial growth is -2.4%. In addition, Iceland has no military force. A revolution would change all those things mentioned above. The country would gain a military, less families would live in poverty, and their economy would grow.


Support for the revolution will be built by advertising the problems of the country through protests and the media. These advertisements will publicize the problems and the solutions for them. For example, some would say "Help the families in need! Raise the minimum wage!"
Communication to the people would be through the internet, news, and billboards.

Tactics and Life Afterwards

This revolution would be non-violent, and would not involve military support, because their is no military. It would happen through peaceful protests and formal and informal letters to the government discussing the problems at hand.

There will be no need for a change in government or leadership after the revolution. The issues are not so huge as to call for a complete change in government, although if no change happens, a different person could possibly be elected in the upcoming election.