Multiplying and Divideing Decimals

Its important to know how to multipli and divide decimals.

Why we need to know how to divide and multiply decimals.

We need to know how multiply and divide decimals because let's say you need to get computers for your work and you only have a surtained amount of time and all the computers were the same price. Then you could multiply the numbers of computers to the price of the computers. Then you can figure out the price quickly.

How to multiply decimals.

For example let say your multiplying 4.65 x 3.89. When your multipliying decimals, you don't have to line up the decimals. In this case the decimals line up. When your multipliying decimals you multiply like they are regular numbers. When you get your answer (4.0845), you circle all the numbers to the right of the decimal. Then you count 4 and put the decimal right after the 4th number.

How to divide decimals.

Let's say your dividing 10.46 / 2.So first you do regular dividing. First you do how many times can 2 go into 10 which is 5. Then you do how many times 2 go into 4 which is 2. Then you do how many times can 2 go into 6 which is 3. Finally bring up your decimal and you get your answer Your final answer is 5.23.