Central Road Chronicles

Staff Communication: Please Review 9/17/2021

A Note from Joanna and Lauren: We are Stronger Together!

Dear Central Road Staff,

Thank you for taking the time to review our weekly communication. Lauren and I are here to support and problem solve as needed. We continue to be impressed by CR's ability to support, pivot, and adjust to meet the needs of our students and staff. This Friday's early release time is designated as team time. Thank you for working together! Please enjoy your weekend with family and friends while staying healthy too!

Drill Follow Up

Thank you for practicing! We were all able to exit the building quickly and quietly. Thank you fto our group/pod leaders for having walkie-talkies outside and ensuring each pod was accounted for. We tentatively have a lock down drilled scheduled for October 6th. More to come on that in the near future.

Weekly Covid Testing Update

This information is confidential. If you require to take a weekly covid test, please know that Lauren is our building point person. She will review the test result starting on Monday, Sept. 20th. We will not be keeping copies of test results.

Blessings in a Backpack

We are excited to begin helping some of our families in need. We will be organizing meals to go home with 50 families each Friday starting on October 8th. This program will run like it has in years past. If you have any questions, please feel free to talk with Joanna about it. Thank you for your support.

Extended School Day

We will tentatively be offering extended day to about 60 students at Central Road starting on October 26th. We will work together to confirm a targeted group of students in grades 3-6. The program will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30-5:00 pm. We are seeking any staff (4 in total) who would like to support our extended day program. If you are interested, please let Joanna/Lauren know.

Social Committee

We thank our social committee for organizing activities for our building and for collecting dues to be able to replenish our social fund. It is always meaningful to celebrate, recognize, and support one another during the school year for various reasons.

Picture Retake Day-Correction in Date

Any students interested in retaking their photo is able to do so on October 20th in the morning time. We will also hold an optional staff photo time on the 20th at 8:15 am in the MPR.

Hot Spot Request

If a parent is requesting a hotspot, please see the steps below that should be followed;

  1. Parent contacts the building administrator or teacher stating they need a hot spot

  2. Parent completes the application for Free and Reduced status

  3. Parent completes the HOT SPOT application form and turns into building administrator

  4. Form is sent to Emily Dix at technology department

  5. If the family is approved to receive a hot spot, the technology department will deliver it to the homeschool of oldest student

Lunch in MPR

Starting on Monday, October 4th, we will transition to our next group of students into the MPR for eating. Please consider practicing prior to October 4th while also creating a seating chart for the month as well. Below are the classrooms who will participate for the month of October.

11:50-12:20 pm-Taylor, Pusateri, Dlatt

12:20-12:50 pm-Fior, Fink, Laabs

Please let us know if you have any questions about this transition. We hope both the students and staff enjoy this change of location.

Teacher/Staff Schedules and Seating Charts

Thank you for completing classroom schedules and seating charts. Please kindly ensure that the office has a copy of both on file. We understand both may change over time but we will update them in our files as needed.

Lunch Count Update

Thank you for adjusting to our new form. Lunch Count Form to Use

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Thank you for taking the time to complete our feedback form. Lauren/I are working on creating teacher schedules for those who have requested them. We have received additional information recently. It is our distirct's preference that since our schools are open that parents attend in person (for 20 minute) conferences. If a parent is unable to make it in person, teachers are able to schedule a virtual meeting/conference with parents/guardians. Teachers will be in their classrooms for the duration of the scheduled times for parent teacher conferences. Parents/guardian should be encouraged to attend without students or siblings. Please feel free to share out P/T sign up forms electronically with families starting the week of October 4th and after.

Teacher Evaluation Updates

Non-tenured teachers and Year 2 tenured staff should begin working on their SLOs. Please schedule your SLO meeting with Joanna/Lauren by 9/30 as final SLOs are due by that time.

We look forward to discussing your SLO plans for the 21-22 school year together!

Non-tenured and Year 1 teachers will participate in a 15 minute informal observation in the coming weeks/months. Non-tenured teachers should begin thinking about their first formal observation and are welcome to schedule them with Joanna/Lauren at any time.

Updated Gifted Program Process and Timelines for the 2021-2022 School Year

The updated selection process was updated on our district webpage and was shared out with 2nd and 4th grade families via blackboard email blast on 9/8. Please take a moment to review when you can.

Friday, September 24th Early Release

Next Friday, staff will be able to choose their learning! Please take a look at the flyer listed below. Thank you to Lori and Beth for hosting our two sessions which are aligned to our 3 school priorities. Our crisis & safety team will meet in the office area for a safety training. We hope you enjoy your session(s)!

Choose Your Learning 9/24

Important Dates

  • Friday, September 17th-Team Plan @2:35 pm
  • Monday, September 20th 9:00 – 9:30am Program Assistant Meeting
  • Thursday, September 23rd-Beth Rihtar will be here all day to support our instructional tech needs
  • Friday, September 24th-Early Release PD Opportunity for all staff
  • Thursday, October 7th Bus Evacuation Practice
  • Monday, October 11th-No School Columbus Day
  • Tuesday, October 12th-Teacher Plan Day
  • Wednesday, October 15th-Board of Education Meeting @7:00 pm
  • Wednesday, October 20th-Picture Retake Day. Optional Staff photo will take place in the MRP at 8:15 am
  • Wednesday, October 20th-PTA Meeting @7:00 pm

Health Information

Thank you for supporting us as we started Shield testing this week. Testing will take place each Friday between 9:15-11:45 am. Thank you for your patience as we work through the first few weeks of Shield testing. Once a week, all students with consent forms and QR codes on file will be escorted to the testing area near each pod. Each student will be asked to spit into a vial that is already labeled with their identifying information. Our plan is to conduct this quickly, efficiently and with safety. Those vials will be sent to a lab for processing to identify infected individuals who are asymptomatic and prevent further transmission of the virus. Results are available within 24- 48 hours. We will contact the parents/ guardians of any student who received positive test results. We hope to have updated QR codes in the coming week or two. Please save QR codes/envelopes as we will require them from week to week. We will work together to ensure all guidelines are followed and clearly understood while keeping our students all safe and healthy!

SHIELD Testing Schedule and Information

Please note we do have an active covid dashboard.

D15 COVID Dashboard


Thank you for your support and cooperation.

Nurse Amita Patel

Welcome to New Staff to Central Road!

Thank you for welcoming our new staff to Central Road!

  • Clara Lee-new ESL teacher joining us!

  • Dhivya Balaram-new program assistant starting 9/24/21

Openings to fill:

  • TBD, Program Assistant

  • TBD, Office Clerical

Technology Information

Instructional Tech Slides-Please Review

Important Instructional Technology Updates

There have been several changes to the way we roster and access our digital tools. Please see this deck for more information.

Coach’s Corner-Lori Schmidt 9/17/2021

Thanks to all who have completed the BAS survey! If you’d like to pop in for Q&A about the BAS test, materials, administration, or scoring, please come see me in the library on Wednesday, Sept 22 anytime during the lunch hour.

Thank you for your commitment to getting kids through the Initial Placement test in Successmaker. Our goal is to have the IP completed by Sept 30 for grades 1-5. The teacher dashboard looks different this year, but it can produce the same student reports that you are familiar with. If you’d like a quick How-To or would like to look at reports together, let me know!

Bookmark this!! Here’s a bank of virtual topic assessments for enVision math tests for grades K-5.

Weekly Way to Work with a Coach: Stop in and celebrate something that went well for YOU this week!

Teaching and Learning

Optional ALEKS Training

T&L will be providing an optional training for teachers who are using ALEKS for math on Wednesday September 15th from 3:30-4:30pm. Please share the informational flyer with your teachers. Additional information for training about Successmaker coming soon!

Online Curriculum Resources

Please enter a help desk ticket to data services for issues with logins.

Non-classroom teachers should follow THESE instructions for logging into curricular materials.

Curricular Material Delivery Updates

We appreciate those who have reached out to request additional FPC materials. All items have been ordered and will be delivered as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can share materials. Additional Updates:

  • Kindergarten PWS packets are being reprinted and sent to schools this week.

  • 5th and 6th grade PWS packets will be delivered to our building this week

  • Here is where we are at with FPC teacher materials. Missing something? Fill out this form.

  • Illustrative Math Teacher Editions for 6th grade teachers have been ordered and will be delivered ASAP

  • **NEW** Future K-6 PWS Packets should be requested through the Consumable Ordering Form by Joanna/Lauren. Please let us know that you need these at least 3 weeks prior to their delivery day.


Quick Sheet Information

K-1 Overview of Benchmarking for teachers

As a school, we have completed both MAP testing for 2nd-6th grader and Fastbridge testing for students in K-1. We too began benchmarking students in 2nd-6th grade who fell below the 15% percentile on their MAP test(s) to help identify ways to meet their needs and consider additional supports. We thank everyone for their hard work regarding fall benchmarking. Our next steps will include looking at our data to help drive our instructional practices. We plan to support our teachers in understanding the results. We will be holding off on sharing Fastbridge information with parents until we have a better understanding of the data we collected. More to come!


6th grade teachers now should have access to the digital version of Second Step. Please let Joanna if this is not the case.

Tier 2 PBIS Overview

SEL Scope and Sequence.

MENTOR SIGN UP-thank you for considering to help out!

CR PBIS Referral Form 21-22-please use like in years past!


District 15 SEL Website

Thank you for completing point sheets for students who require on-going feedback during the day. Please kindly complete them by 3:05 pm so that program assistants and staff are able to check out students in a timely fashion while providing positive praise and constructive feedback as needed.

Special Education

When holding IEP or 504 meetings with families, a sub will be provided to classroom teachers so that teacher(s) can be present for these important meetings.

Special area teachers, interventionists, and related service staff providers all received a confidential 504 binder in their mailboxes.

ESPA-Program Assistants

  • Thank you so much for that you do. Your hard work is appreciated!
  • Our next PA meeting meeting will take place on September 20th at 9:00 am

Community Outreach and PTA

  • Please consider joining our amazing PTA for our 21-22 school year. You can sign up and pay directly via the link below https://crsptail.memberhub.com/store/items/17192 Thank you for considering!

  • BPAC Information

  • Career Fair! District 15 will be holding a Career Fair on Tuesday, September 21, 2021 from 12:00-3:00pm at the Palatine Library, 700 N. North Ct. in Palatine. Come apply onsite! We are looking for the following positions:

    - Bus Drivers - no experience necessary; paid training; free benefits (employee only); pension; paid holidays

    - Substitute Teachers and Substitute Program Assistants - set your own schedule!

    - Full time Program Assistants

    - Office and Library Clericals

    - Maintenance/Laborers/Custodians

    - And more!

    Please contact Chanell Lopez at lopezc@ccsd15.net or Lori Thum at thuml@ccsd15.net with any questions.