cyber bullying

By Taylor Nicholson!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what is cyber bullying?

cyber bullying is one type of bullying where people are bullied on internet ,phone, tablet or computer ie: messaging, facebook and twitter

what are the differerent types of cyber bullying?

The different types of cyber bullying are things like black mailing,flaming,trolling,hacking your account,making fake accounts and even pretending to be someone else when your not that person!!!

Where can it happen?

It can happen any where, on websites, messaging and more!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Perth High School Cyber-Bullying Awareness Ad S1

how can you keep safe online?

you can keep safe online by not having you age,name,phone number or email on any website!!!

what can you do if it happens to you?

If it happens to you you can tell someone,i.e: Mum,Dad,Family,Teacher,Tutor or friend or block your accounts like,face book account,twitter account,instergram account or your email account.