New york: Middle colony

By: Jordan


Winters in New York where cold, and summers where hot (moist).


Wheat, corn, vegetables, and tobacco they use these to make money to keep growing them also so they can eat they have meat but to stay healthy they need to have vegetables to eat.


Miners, lumbermen, sailors, trappers, merchants, and craftsmen they need these people because they need iron to make tools, they need lumberman to cut trees so they can use them for fires, houses, and tools they use sailors to find gold or natural riches.

Fun facts

  • In 1664 the British took New York, from the Dutch
  • The colony that the British renamed new York was originally settled by people from the Netherlands
  • The Netherlands also called Holland is a country often in northern Europe
  • The farming was easier here than in new England
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They use horses to ride around and they use cattle to eat the same with pigs they use them for meat so that they can survive they had fish in rivers/oceans they would catch them to eat .