Become a Pro

Without parent permission!!! Batteries not included

Be a Professional at Hide and Seek!

Are you always the first one to be found in Hide and Seek? Do your friends make fun of you calling you the worst hide and seek player they've ever and seen? Do they pick on after every game? Well now you can join our Hide and Seek camp!


Since this is like the most hidden place in the world we know how to hide. Nobody has seen us since we got here! That's how talented we are at this game! We can teach you what we know and make you one of us. A professional hide and seek player! But how do we do it? Well like I just said we're in a really hidden place but also we have many places to hide in! So come and help us find people that are still hiding!


You're probably wondering where this camp is at? Let's say it's in a very hidden spot suiting our profession. But if you really want to know it's one in of the deepest parts of Hell! Circle 8 to be exact. But isn't this very deep part of Hell really cold? Well yes it is but you don't have to worry about bringing a jacket because we have many heaters in here! So not having to worry about you or your child getting sick we can train you or them on how to never be seen again in here! Many people join this camp because they know the struggle of being terrible at hide and seek. So if everyone else joins why shouldn't you?

Is There Really Such Thing?

Is there really such thing as a professional hide and seek player? Well it's so real that we don't even know where we're at! You can be one of the few in the world! We train every single person the exact same way and everyone seems to be learning and growing in skill at an exact same pace. Also if you think that you don't have talent on anything you can find out if your talent is here at our Hide and Seek Camp!

Last But Not Least... It's Free!

How much? is it too expensive? I don't know if we can afford this, it sounds too expensive. Are you tired of hearing these same words and complaints? Well you won't be hearing this for this camp! How come? Because it's free! What!? Yes it's free! All you need to do is meet our requirements! What are the requirements? All you need to do is have fun giving people bad advice! "Don't you mean lying?". Yea have fun lying! So come join our Free camp now!
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