Aquatic Science

Mrs. Croll - Class Information

Welcome to Aquatic Science!

Aquatic Science is a semester-long class filled with labs and hands-on activities to build aquatic literacy about freshwater ecosystems and our oceans.

Our class lessons and website are located on
Students should check here each day and bring an iPad to complete our assignments. Our syllabus is listed there as well and here.

It will be a fun semester! Please contact me with any questions!
Mrs. Croll

Required Supplies

Bring the following supplies during the first few days.

Keep for Personal Use:

1 1/2 inch 3 Ring Binder with Pockets or Folder with Pockets and Brads; Notebook Paper

Shared Supplies for the Class:

LAST NAME: A - H: Box of 8 or more Colored Markers and 1 box of Small non-latex gloves

LAST NAME: I - Q: Box of 8 or more Colored pencils and 1 box of Medium non-latex gloves

LAST NAME: R - Z: Scotch tape and 1 box of Large non-latex gloves

Aquarium supplies will be collected by groups as needed.

These donations would help all students:
empty 2-liter soda bottles
Silicon Caulk - Number 1 only ---100% pure silicon
Duct tape - any color
non-latex gloves
Fish food or de-chlorinator for tap water
colored printer paper

Class Expectations

I welcome responsible, mature adults who add to the learning environment.

  1. Timely arrival is expected, as is wise use of restroom privileges--take care of essentials before class.

  2. Bring your iPad every day and actively participate and engage in class—whether that is discussions, research, projects, labs or examining/dissecting preserved and live specimens in the lab.

  3. Visit our Google Classroom EVERY day to locate our activities and lessons.

  4. Courtesy with cell phones is required and non-educational use of digital devices and ear buds is prohibited.

  5. Safety for students is paramount, which prevents eating or drinking in the classroom due to live animals.

  6. It is expected that all students complete work to the best of his or her ability and avoid cheating and/or plagiarism.