BES Weekly Newsletter

January 11-15

Happy New Year!!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday break with your friends and families. It was well deserved and much needed for all of us! It is hard to believe that it is 2016. I guess time flies when you are having fun! I can't wait to see all of the fun things that happen this semester!
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Friendly Reminders:

  • We will be having a Head Start Audit the week of 1/18. There will be people on campus. They are auditing for safety. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE ANY DOORS PROPPED OPEN--this includes closets and doors.
  • January is School Board Appreciation Month. If you see any of our school board members, please thank them for their commitment to our schools!
  • This is a great time to review routines and procedures for your students! Please take some time tomorrow to go over your class rules, hallway expectations, and review cafeteria expectations as well. Thanks!
  • Please remind parents about GT nominations, or if you have someone to nominate, please pick up a packet in the office. Applications are due by January 15!!
  • Don't forget to monitor students on the playground!
  • If you haven't liked us on Facebook, do that today!

Upcoming Events-Mark Your Calendar

  • 1/11 BIG BEAR BASH
  • 1/18 Staff Development
  • 1/18-1/22 Head Start Audit
  • 1/23 UIL