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April Newsletter | 2021-2022

Kids, how many links can you find in this newsletter?

HINT: There are at least 25 links for kids to discover and explore!

Brown Elementary School

Brown Bobcats and Families,

Each year around this time when Spring arrives with its essence of newness in the air, it often sparks ideas of special projects around the house while stirring up annual spring cleaning goals.

Kids LOVE to help their family out with special projects around the house. Many will even "brag" to me about the chores that they are responsible for each day at home by saying, "Ms. V, I'm in charge of unloading the dishwasher and straightening up the living-room every day", or, "I'm in charge of setting or clearing the table when we eat".

When a child has responsibilities or chores* at home, it helps to cultivate strong self-efficacy (belief in ones ability or capacity to accomplish something), gives them a sense of their physical/emotional importance and value to the family (i.e., What I do helps support my family physically and emotionally), and it helps prepare them for adulthood.

Go enjoy Spring and all its newness!

Onward and Upward,

Ms. Von Berckefeldt (Ms. V)

Brown Elementary School Counselor

*Click on the links below if you are interested in learning more about age-appropriate chores/responsibilities for kids.

Ramadan begins April 2nd

Millions of Muslims all around the world from Mexico to Norway, Zimbabwe to China, observe Ramadan each year. Whether you are Muslim or simply interested in learning about this important time of the year for so many people all over the world, click here for more about Ramadan:

  • What is Ramadan?
  • Who celebrates Ramadan?
  • Why is it important to so many people around the world?
  • Videos about Ramadan
  • Arts and Crafts
  • and much more!

Cool Chore Chart Ideas for Kids

Click on the links below for Chore Charts for Kids:

SPOTLIGHT: Multicultural and Social Awareness

In the month of April we are recognizing the following groups, cultures and/or causes:

  • Arab American Heritage Month (United States)
  • Autism Awareness Month

  • April 2 Ramadan Begins (Muslim)
  • April 8-9 Holocaust Memorial Days
  • Apr 14 Vaisakhi (Sikh)
  • Apr 15-23 Pesach/Passover (Jewish)
  • Apr 17 Easter (Christian)
  • Apr 22 Earth Day (International)
  • Grief & Loss Awareness

Click here for book recommendations for kids

Students, be sure and check out the School Counseling Google Classroom to access the SPOTLIGHT Virtual Library for April.


School Counselors support students in three domains: Academic, Social/Emotional, and College/Career. Check out some cool links for kids in each area below.

Being Responsible

Stress-Smart Tips to Help You Handle Your Strong Feelings


Click here for the Brown Digital Art Gallery to view current and previous Artists of the Month


Art is great for calming your brain and body and releasing your creative imagination. Art can also help you to express yourself to others when you want to use more than words to speak.

Click on the link below anytime you need a creative outlet.

Social Media and Online Safety Tips

Parents and Guardians,

Empowering kids to be responsible and safe digital citizens will help to protect them from online stranger-danger that they may not be savvy to.

Below is a video that parents/guardians can use to help kick-off the conversation with kids on good online safety habits. Please consider having regular talks with your child about online and social media safety.

Digital Citizenship for Kids: A Video About Online Strangers

Cool Tools for Teachers

Mindfulness in the classroom* works!

Children come to school every morning from a variety of life and home experiences-some from peaceful and stable places, while others come from uncertain and/or traumatic spaces. A daily mindfulness routine can help a class calibrate to gentle-calm with their teacher, and prepare the brain and body for learning.

Mind Yeti is a program I have used many times with teachers in the classroom to help ground (to the here and now moment), calm, and focus students first thing in the morning and/or right after a break. Check out the Mind Yeti introduction from a 3rd grade teacher to learn more. Let me know if you are interested in starting a mindfulness routine in your classroom.

*I would love to hear of any mindfulness routines you are using in your classroom-this is where my passion in education truly is!


Click here to learn more about School Counseling across the United States!

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