Parent Peek at the Week

Week of June 13th, 2022

Important Dates

Monday, June 13th - Day 5

Tuesday, June 14th - Day 1

  • All day - new Principal Ms. Ostapek is visiting the school (times TBD)

Wednesday, June 15th - Day 2

Thursday, June 16th - Day 3

Friday, June 17th - Day 4

  • Cougar Courage Awards
  • Middle Block: Room 5 Art Show
  • Last Block: Jump Rope for Heart

Upcoming Dates:

  • June 22nd - Primary/Junior Play/Track Day
  • June 23rd - Primary/Junior Play/Track Rain Date
  • June 24th - Junior Flag Rugby Day
  • June 27th - Grade 6 reports go home
  • June 28th - Grade 6 Leaving Ceremony at 9:15am
  • June 28th - JK - Grade 5 reports go home
  • June 29th - Last day of school and rain date for the Grade 6 Leaving Ceremony
  • June 29th - Next year's teachers are posted online for access (see below)
  • June 30th - PA Day

Covid Daily Screener and Updated Resource

This is just a reminder that it is critical and expected that you complete the daily Covid screener before coming to school. You no longer need to complete the attestation form, but the screener is still a requirement. If you are experiencing ANY signs of illness, the screener will indicate you are not to come to school. If you test at home and the results are NEGATIVE, but you still have symptoms and do not feel well you do NOT attend school. Thank you for doing your part to keep us all safe!!!

For your reference, the screener can be found at:

Welcoming Ms. Ostapek

Please join me on Tuesday, June 14th as we welcome incoming Principal Brooke Ostapek to our school.

I’m not sure exactly when she’ll be with us, but we will come by and visit each class. Hopefully there will be time to connect with students during nutrition breaks as well as start some transition planning in the office. With any luck she will be with me at either drop off or pick up time so I can introduce her to parents as well.

I know you’ll join me in wishing her a warm welcome!

Report Cards/Next Year's Teacher

Here is some information about how report cards will be sent home AND how next year's teacher will be shared with parents. This info came from the board office:

As we move into report card writing, we have been receiving some questions about sharing of report cards with families and the communication of student placements for September.

With the opportunity to be in-person with students for the first time in 2 years during the spring term, elementary schools will be asked to print report cards for families. Although reports will still be available for parents to access through Edsby, a printed copy will provide greater opportunities to ensure all families have access to their child’s achievement.

Class placements for students will continue to be accessed by families through Class LookUp.

Jump Rope for Heart

Once again this year, we are going to be holding our Jump Rope for Heart event on Friday June 17th!!! Students are encouraged to sign up on our school fundraising page. This will allow them the chance to earn prizes AND support this great cause!

Students can go to the below link to join our school fundraising page.

Staff are currently developing the plan for how/when each class will jump, but I can guarantee it will be a fun event for all!

Please see the Parent Letter below for more information.

School Council

This past Monday was our last School Council Meeting of the year. A huge thank you to Council Chair Sarah Amirault, Secretary Rachel MacLean, Treasurer Karen Murduff and Xiaopeng Sing who were such a great support this year. Koraley Tambre was also a present and active member at all meetings AND supported our nutrition program by regularly picking up donations from Kawartha Food Share. Thank you to all our amazing School Council members for their help, support and great ideas this year!

Please see the minutes of our meeting posted below.

NOTE: The first School Council meeting for 2022/2023 will be on Monday, September 12th. The Welcome Back event (Pizza dinner and Meet the Teacher) will be taking place on Thursday, September 22nd. Save the dates!

From the KPR Board Office

Dear KPR Families,

I know that excitement is building for many students as we approach the end of the school year. During this especially busy time, filled with year-end celebrations and activities, I want to begin this week’s note by extending my sincere thanks to students, staff and families for your continued enthusiasm and commitment to our school communities!

Late last week the Board for Trustees, sitting as the Budget Committee, approved a balanced school board budget for the 2022-23 school year, based on funding provided by the province. The budget reflects the priorities set out within the Board’s 2019-2022 Strategic Plan – Excellence in Learning, Life and Community to support student achievement and well-being, and ongoing work to engage students, staff, and families as a learning community. The budget also includes $65 million in the area of Special Education to support all students, investments in the areas of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, Indigenous Education, and $42 million in capital funding dedicated to building and school improvement projects. We continue to focus on these important areas, for the benefit of all students. The budget will now be considered at the June Board meeting for final approval.

I want to leave you with a warm and fuzzy #WeAreKPR story, featuring Warsaw PS Head Custodian Penny Kasaboski. Described as “a bright ray of sunshine,” Penny is recognized for her team spirit and the positive energy that she brings to the school community each and every day.

Take care,

Rita Russo

Director of Education


School Climate Survey Reminder

As part of our ongoing efforts to create and maintain safe and inclusive schools, all students from Grades 4-12 are being asked to participate in an anonymous School Climate Survey. The survey asks students for their opinion on key areas that research has shown to have an impact on student learning outcomes – with a focus on sense of belonging, relationships, safety, and wellbeing.

Students can decide whether or not they want to complete the survey and can skip any questions they do not want to answer. The survey is anonymous and confidential, and the information collected will be used by schools to build safer spaces in which everyone is respected and feels that they belong. We encourage as many students as possible to participate, to help us understand school climates, and make positive changes where needed.

A few more things....

1. As the weather warms up, we are once again using fans in classrooms. However, given the protocols we are still adhering to, the fans are pointing at the ceiling to circulate air. This ensures we get some air movement, but does not have air (and therefore possible germs) circulating at face level. Hopefully Mother Nature continues to support us for a few more weeks in keeping the temperatures bearable!

2. Great FOOD news!!!! We have just received word that we can now share food in classrooms. Stay tuned for more information from your child's teacher as we look to celebrate the end of the year by FINALLY sharing food together once again!!!

3. You might have noticed in the Upcoming Events that next week we'll be having a Primary/Junior Play/Track Day. We are very much looking forward to having a fun, school wide event for the first time in a LONG time! Stay tuned to next week's Parent Peek at the Week for more details and information.

One more thing....

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