Cordelia Hills Staff Update


Thank You!

So many of you have been supporting each other as we attempt to ramp up to the start of the school year. I appreciate your team work and professionalism. I know this period of learning will be successful because we are working together as a staff. I encourage you to continue to embrace the work of your grade level and peers.

Updates Galore--Subject to change

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Chromebook Distribution

Chromebooks will be distributed to Kindergarten students, First Grade students, and any new student or student without a Chromebook, starting Thursday, August 13th at 9:00 AM.

Families will need to pull up to the front curb, they will state their name, a Chromebook and accessories will be brought to the window. In addition to the Chromebook, families will receive directions on how to log into the device along with a label with their name, S #, and password.

There will only be time for device distribution during this period. We will likely need some help. If you are interested in helping, please email me or contact me.

Materials Distribution

Materials are being ordered and consumables/curriculum are arriving. They have not all arrived yet.

They will be distributed during the first three days of the school year (August 19-21). The initial plan is to bag books, materials/supplies, and anything else you wish to distribute. Please refer to this guide to see what curriculum can go home: Materials Guide and Digital Access

The pick up will be drive up like everything else we have done. Some of you have expressed interest in delivering to homes. Please contact me before planning this.

Your current primary contact on materials is me (via email). Maily Wester will be the contact once her email is set up and ready to go.

Meet and Greet, Class Placements

We have been asked to pause any and all in-person Meet and Greets that we have planned or that you have planned for your classroom.

You can plan on meeting your classroom/contacting them any day on or after Wednesday, August 12th. Parents will receive an email with directions on accessing Aeries where they can see class placement. If you have special plans around meeting/talking with families and want to run those by me, please contact me.

Our goal is to have each teacher make actual contact with each student by the first day of school. I think it is VERY important to make a live connection (google meet or phone call) before we head into Phase 1 of learning.

Online Training

The following training's must be completed by every staff member:

There will be time on the first workday but I know some of you would rather just get them done now. You don't need to alert me to their completion as the system tracks that. I would keep a certificate or screenshot in case someone doesn't believe you finished them.

Site Safety Protocols

1. Please email/text anytime you expect to be on campus before your scheduled contract day.

2. Please complete the self-screener before coming in to campus. You don't need to submit the screener each time. Please notify me if you are ill.

3. All staff must wear a mask at all times while working at their work stations or in classrooms with others. A mask must be worn by classified staff even when they are socially distanced. Staff who is working alone in a room or building may take their mask off.

4. While staff are working and having conversations with one another, ensure they maintain at least 6 feet of social distancing and are wearing a mask.

5. Staff Lounge may be used to warm up food or to store food (currently). Please wear a mask and distance in the lounge.

6. Please contact the office before entering.

7. The staff workroom is accessible but please wear a mask and remember to distance.

New Staff

We have several new staff members coming on board:

Maily Wester, Library Tech: Maily is a local resident with extensive experience with managing systems in a large court reporting firm. She has two children in the District. Maily has also recently worked at Solano Community College. We are eager to have her join our team and know that she will play an integral role, especially here at the start of the year.

Charlotte Galzote, TAP 4/5: Charlotte is taking over as the teacher for our TAP 4/5 program. She has experience as a substitute in our District and she actually has a first grader here at Cordelia Hills. She is eager and ready to tackle this position and we are so excited to have her.

Kristine Jackson, TAP Para-Educator: Kristine returns to our campus after being at Oakbrook for the last year. She has experience as a para-educator and has Cordelia Hills Coyotes! Welcome!

_______, Attendance Clerk: We have forwarded a name on for attendance clerk and will wait for HR to process the hiring paperwork. Hopefully, I can formally announce the name by next week.

Parent Q and A Meeting #2

We will host an additional Parent Q and A meeting with Mundy and GVMS next week, August 11th at 4:00 PM. Please feel free to share the meeting link with parents:

We will have limited capacity on the meet and ask that any participating staff watch on the Cordelia Hills Facebook page Your viewing of the first meeting was actually super helpful and I appreciated it. Many of you sent me messages during the meeting that helped to further my ability to answer questions.

Anti-racism Working Group

I am working with two other principals and we have created an Anti-Racism Working Group for Site Administrators. The goal of the group is to help build capacity and to help guide the work of site admin. I hope to form that same kind of group here and will look to our leadership team to lead the work. I know everyone is eager to get the start of school details worked out but I wanted to mention it now so I can hold myself accountable and to give you a glimpse of where I see us headed.

Schedule at a Glance

8/10: Meet with L.S. and Mrs. Stovall @ 11:00 AM

8/10: Work on Yearbook Distribution

8/11: Anti Racism Working Group Site Admin @ 8:00

8/11: Site Leadership Meeting @ 9:30

8/11: 504/IEP trainings @ 1:00 PM

8/11: Joint Town Hall

8/12: 1:1 with Ryan Gonzales